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7th Grade Mustang Roundup

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:38

Mapleton Junior High is pleased to announce our fourth annual Mustang Roundup for all new 7th grade students on August 20, 2012.  This year’s Roundup will feature a welcome assembly, a brief 10 minute visit to each of the student’s classes, a locker check, and a final question and answer period with a treat and a gift from the school.  The Roundup will last from 8 am until 10:45 am and buses will run as normal to pickup and drop off 7th grade students.  We encourage all 7th grade students to attend this fun filled morning of activities.

Information for Parents about Lagoon Day

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 10:47
Mapleton Mustangs

LAGOON DAY will be Thursday, May 24, 2012. Students who have maintained eligibility in citizenship and attendance, have completed all enrichment sessions, and paid all fines are invited to attend this activity. School will be held for those students who are not eligible to attend and for those students who do not sign up to go to Lagoon.

Park entrance passes will be available at LAGOON for $27.50.  Students will pay for this pass when they arrive at LAGOON—not at the school.  Students will be responsible for their own lunch.  A non-refundable bus fare of $16.00 will be charged to each student riding the bus to Lagoon. Students MUST bring their completed permission slip and their $16.00 payment for the bus fare to the school financial office by 2:00pm on Friday, May 18th. 

On May 24th, we will be loading the buses in front of the school at 7:30 am and departing promptly at 8:00 am. Except for students that will be attending school this day, no students will be permitted to enter the building.  Students will need to come prepared to go directly to their assigned buses.  Faculty and staff will be assigned to each bus to supervise both ways.   The buses will begin loading to return from Lagoon at 3:00 pm and will be departing promptly at 3:15 pm.  Parents, please be aware that Lagoon closes at 4:00 pm this day so having your student stay later to be picked up by you won’t be an option.  If a student rides the bus from MJHS to Lagoon, they are expected to return back to MJHS on their assigned bus.  Any student who is not on their assigned bus by 3:15 pm will be left at Lagoon and will need to be picked up by parents.  We will arrive back at Mapleton Jr. between 4:30 and 5:00 pm.  Since the school will not be open when we return, and the regular school bus service will not be taking the students home, students and parents should make proper arrangements beforehand for rides.

Students may dress in casual clothes as long as they are modest and comply with the school dress code. NO tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, or clothing depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco or inappropriate words or pictures will be allowed. This policy will be enforced as the buses are loaded.  Please do not get left behind because you are improperly dressed. 

Any illegal activities, inappropriate conduct, insubordinate behavior etc. will be dealt with by Lagoon authorities. Students involved in any of the above will be held at Lagoon until picked up by parents.

We cannot permit a student to go on this trip unless the permission slip below has been signed and returned with the $16.00 non-refundable bus fare. If finances are a problem, please contact the school administration. We would like to make arrangements so everyone eligible can go.

MJHS April Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/27/2012 - 10:42
April 2012 Students of the Month

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the April 2012 Students of the month.  Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month.  In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship.  On Tuesday April 24th the MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment.   The students of the month for April are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Tersadie Nuttall, Ammon Ouzounian, Mitchel Murdock & Rustin Strachan

ENGLISH: Dallin Jones, Karson Crane, Rosie Boel & Emma Terry

FINE ARTS: Zachary Nuttall, Ashley Anderson, Derek Maxfield

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Mason Sumsion, Rafael Gonzalez, Haley Andrew     

HEALTH: Tanner Hill, Noah Nilsson

LIFE SKILLS: Cristian Solorzano, Corey Derfler, Brecia Cronquist

MATH: Ryan Hawkins, Jose Roibal

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Joell Andrade, Andres Pena, Noah Egan

SCHOOL SERVICE: Kelsha Robinson, Jennifer Baker

SCIENCE: Jeremy Lewis, Ellie Ashman, Chelsea Flake

SOCIAL STUDIES: Britton Thompson, Sergio Caro, Matthew Bingham

MJHS 2012 Crystal Apple Award Winner - Miss Jo Edan Parker

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 09:55
MJHS faculty writer - Linda Lewis
2012 Crystal Apple Award Winner - Miss Jo Edan Parker

Mapleton Jr. High School is happy to announce that Miss Jo Edan Parker has been chosen as the Crystal Apple Award winner for the 2011-2012 school year.  Miss Parker works with a unique and challenging group of young children from all over the Nebo School District.  These students all have severe intellectual and behavioral challenges, and a diverse and complex range of needs.  Working with these students requires highly specialized training, patience, and perseverance.  Miss Parker exemplifies total dedication to this rare population of students with very severe disabilities.

She is an advocate for her students, who cannot speak for themselves.  Miss Parker prepares them with life skills.  Along with teaching her students reading, writing and arithmetic, she prepares them for their entrance into society.  From washing hands to getting along out in the public sector, Miss Parker has the tedious task of educating these wonderful but challenging children.    

Ms. Parker goes beyond the extra mile for and in behalf of “her kids”.  Because “transition” plays such a major part of the student’s life, every month Miss Parker organizes a field trip to give her kids exposure to outside the classroom experiences.  She will take them to the mall where they have experience buying things and interacting in crowds.  She takes them to restaurants where they learn manners when eating in public.  She provides fishing excursions and bowling field trips where she takes each student and a number of peer tutors several times a year. 

Together, Miss Parker and another MJHS teacher co-founded and organized what has become known as the annual Nebo Special Education Extravaganza.  Every junior high special education student in the Nebo district attends this event, along with well over a hundred peer tutors from the various schools and Mapleton’s Service Learning and Student Government classes.  This event allows children with special needs to participate in carnival type events along with relay races, archery and high jump competitions, and various track and field events.  The event is concluded with a dance and awards presentation for their efforts.  Everyone is presented with an award.

Miss Parker collaborates with her colleagues, on a weekly basis.  She is in constant touch with district personnel, speech therapists, occupational therapists, school counselors, parents, and the school nurse and school administration to review and discuss her student’s progress. She spends countless hours with them individually and in each of her student’s Individual Educational Planning meetings.  Miss Parker runs an extensive peer tutor program with selected students that work daily with each of her students. 

Perhaps the words of one grateful parent expresses the true substance of what Jo Edan is all about, “Her success cannot be measured by test scores, academic praise for her students, or any acknowledgement on a scholarly level.  Her reward is measured by the students who now have the ability to function in a school setting that was, before meeting her, considered an impossibility, and this mother’s heart is truly grateful for her.”

Mapleton Jr. extends our warmest congratulates to Miss Jo Edan Parker for this great accomplishment.

Mapleton Jr. High School March Students of the Month

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/05/2012 - 09:11
March 2012 - Students of the Month

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the March 2012 Students of the month.  Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month.  In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship.  On Tuesday March 27th the MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment.   The students of the month for March are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Weston Murdock, Garrett Ashby, Chase Haynes & Chantry Dean

ENGLISH: Lynnae VanOrman, Adam Rodriguez, Peyton Pace

FINE ARTS: Madison Daybell, Benjamin Foutz, Ellyse Winward

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Camilla Pendleton, Connor Lunt, Hayden Diede       

HEALTH: Blake Edmunds, Liberty Reid

LIFE SKILLS: Kinley Anderson, Jake Miller, Braden Johnston

MATH: Hayden Mendivil, Andrew Gappmayer, Fabian Andrade

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Allison Elmont, Dannie Wheeler, Rachel Pendleton

SCHOOL SERVICE: Danielle Graves, Scierra Woods

SCIENCE: Megan McConnell, Donavyn Garcia, Sabrina Black

SOCIAL STUDIES: Paige Rawlings, Kyle Wilson, Bryce Nelson and Cynthia Aguirre

MJHS Social Studies Vietnam War Presentation

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 03/26/2012 - 16:50
Richard Dixon and his grandson Jake Dixon
Richard Dixon shares his Vietnam experiences with students
Richard Dixon shares his Vietnam experiences with students

Recently here at Mapleton Jr. High, our students had a fantastic opportunity to learn firsthand about the Vietnam War while in Mrs. Halcrow’s geography class.  It all started with Jake Dixon a student here at MJHS who is in Mrs. Halcrow’s class.  In class, Jake heard Mrs. Halcrow explaining some of the details of the Vietnam War and thought to himself: “I should have my grandpa come in and talk about his personal experiences from the war.” He arranged with Mrs. Halcrow to have this happen and on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Jake’s grandpa, Richard Dixon visited MJHS. 

Jake tells in his own words some of the details of his grandpa’s visit and how the experience was received by the students.

The room was packed from front to back with people squished together as my grandpa (Richard Dixon) told his story. My grandpa was about to go pro in baseball and was going to play for the Yankees or the Dodgers, but then he got called to go to the Vietnam War.  During the war he was the only one that survived from his platoon. He got shot many times and told a cool story about how he was the only one alive while he tried to shoot at the enemy. My grandpa is a real hero and was able to stay alive while fighting for this country. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his service to our nation.  It was a really cool experience and lots of students told me how cool they thought it was!

What a great opportunity this was, to learn from a real person who experienced the war himself.  Our students will long remember the experiences shared by Richard Dixon, and the sacrifices of the brave men and women of the Armed Forces in defending freedom during the Vietnam War.

MJHS Enjoys Reading the Hunger Games

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 10:05
By: Molli McConnell - student writer
Hunger Games

Reading is encouraged and loved by students attending Mapleton Jr. High School.  Many of those students have been reading one series and one only, the Hunger Games series of course.  Students are reading it in anticipation of the Hunger Games movie, which is coming out on March 23, 2012.  Everyone that is reading the book has become a huge fan. The first book is called the Hunger Games, the second, Catching Fire, and the third book is How to Kill a Mocking Jay.  They are all good, but the first one is especially popular. The students at Mapleton Junior High School have really enjoyed reading the series this year and are interested to see how the movie will be.  MJHS student Jen Baker said, “The book will always be better than the movie because you picture the characters differently in your mind, plus they sometimes just “forget” to put things in the movie or even add things that aren’t in the book”.  But don’t worry, the Hunger Games movie is expected to be awesome. For now MJHS students will keep reading the book and looking forward to March 23.  After that, if the movie is good, hopefully they’ll make the second book into a movie also.  Keep on reading MJHS, because the Hunger Games excitement is really fun!


Springville High School Counselors visit MJHS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 09:55
By: Brigham Brau - MJHS student writer
Springville High Logo

Recently, the Springville High School (SHS) counselors visited MJHS to help the 9th graders who are going to SHS pick their sophomore schedules. The SHS counselors are Mike Johnson, NataLei Terry, and Kirsten Hullinger. The counselors are assigned to students according to the first letter of the student’s last name. Mr. Johnson works with students whose last names start with the letters A-F, Mrs. Terry, G-M and Mrs. Hullinger, N-Z. This system is helpful in organizing the students but if you go into the office and the counselor who is assigned to work with you isn’t available, you can ask one of the other counselors for help.  They are always ready and willing to visit with any student who needs their help.

While visiting MJHS the counseling team provided students with fill-in-the-blank forms that they could use to choose the classes they want to take as 10th graders. Each student was also given the SHS pamphlet, “Springville High School Registration Bulletin: Course Descriptions 2012-2013.” This pamphlet not only lists all of the courses offered at SHS, but it explains instructions for course selection, graduation requirements, honors graduation, early graduation, and a lot of other information. If you did not get a pamphlet, you can see all of the SHS course descriptions at under “Students”.

Dane Carlson, who will be attending SHS, said, “The information session was great. I learned a lot.” Cordon Farris also thought the information was useful and said, “I’m very excited to go to SHS where there are so many awesome classes to choose from.”

MJHS Winter Recognition Assembly

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 16:19
Steve the “Stang” hangs out with cast members of “Love on Broadway”
Mr. Palfreyman gives awards to students that participated in the science fair
The cast of “Love on Broadway” perform during the assembly
8th and 9th grade Students view the assembly in the gym

Mapleton Jr. High School held its Winter Recognition Assembly on February 17th.  This assembly is meant to help recognize those students that have been involved with extracurricular activities during the winter months.  Many groups were recognized including the band, the choir, this year’s spelling bee winners, the boys and girls basketball teams, this year’s science fair winners, the wrestling team and others.  During the assembly the choir performed the musical number “Without Love” from Hairspray.  The assembly was sponsored and directed by MJHS student government and was a big success.  Congratulations to all those that were recognized, they exemplify “Mustang Pride” at its finest.

MJHS Teacher Highlight -Mrs. Adams

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 16:06
By: Witney Ercanbrack MJHS student writer
English Teacher - Mrs. Alisha Adams

Mrs. Adams is the amazing ninth grade English and honors English teacher at Mapleton Jr. High school. She has worked at MJHS for four years. After being assigned as an intern, she was offered a job. She was raised in Provo and got her English degree at BYU. She said, “I love my work. It’s never boring because each time I teach, it’s never exactly the same.” She often helps in activities like the spelling bee and high honors projects and contributes a lot to the school. When asked about her time at MJHS, she said, “It’s filled with really good friends, stories, and students that I won’t ever forget no matter how hard I try.”

In her free time, she loves reading, listening to music, cooking, eating what she cooks, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. Something she likes to do is try to guess what the next big thing is going to be, like what band is going to be popular, or what the next trend will be.  Most people don’t know that she speaks Portuguese, she’s very dexterous, she’s not as scary as she seems, and when she was in college, she flat lined and the doctors had to use the defibrillators on her.

Most students find her scary at first, but then later call her “Hilarious”, “Crazy”, “Hyper”, and “So much fun”. One student, Sydney Shafer said, “She actually keeps class interesting, and keeps all her students laughing.” Mrs. Adams is famous for her spontaneous facial expressions, and random hand motions. She always puts passion into her teaching.  She scares seventh graders, is a perfectionist, hilarious, and someone who can keep 9th grade boys in line. Everyone agrees Mrs. Adams isn’t just a teacher, she’s a friend. Mapleton Jr. High loves Mrs. Adams.


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