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Congratulations to the Students of the Month for January

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 10:22
January Students of the Month

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the January 2013 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for January are (listed by academic area):

CTE- Amy Williamson, Aaron Andrew, Nicole Trapnel, Colby Gillies, Travis Farley

English- Alec Cahua, Marijia Farris

Fine Arts- Quinn Morrill, Savanah Wilson, Zoe Gould

Foreign Language- Mattison Wood, Devin Twede, Connor Lunt

Health- Delaney Rose, Rachel Brown, Magan Child

Life Skills- Daniel Whitney, Steph Ulbricht, Cole Neilsen

Math- Alanna Hess, Kristiona Banks, Brandon Simpson

PE- Tau Mulipola (Junior), Ryan Jenkins, Clayton Alvey

Science-Philip Richey, Allison Ells, Truman Miller

Social Studies- Cayla VanDerwalt, Weston Murdock, Cathleen Keliiiki

Congratulations to the Students of the Month for January

MJHS Student qualifies for State

Submitted by kristen.clayton on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 11:50

Emma Harlan qualified for the State Meet in Swimming!  She placed 2nd at the Region Swim Meet in 50 yd. freestyle and both her relays also qualified (200 Freestyle 200 Medley Relays).  Congratulations Emma!

Mapleton Junior students pledge to speak-up, stand-up and not Bully

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Fri, 01/25/2013 - 08:32
Sara Blackhurst
Students sign the bully ball

In continuation with Mapleton Junior High School’s Anti-Bullying campaign students had the opportunity to participate in a two-day mini venture. With messages of hope and change students learned how to use their influence of others for good. Inspiration came from athletes both famous and of peer age in how one person truly can make a difference. Students were able to contribute their thoughts, feelings and actions in activities and through discussion. Each student at MJHS took a pledge to make a difference in the lives of those around them. They promised to speak up, to advocate, and to be role models to their peers and those people closest to them. By signing the footballs and taking the prevention pledge students promised to follow the examples of those before them and make MJHS a happy and safe place to be! Go MUSTANGS!

Mapleton Junior Hosts and Dominates Nebo District Wrestling Tournament

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Thu, 01/24/2013 - 15:00

On Wednesday January 16 all the wrestlers from Nebo district converged on MJHS for the district individual wrestling championships. There were 16 different weight divisions and over 150 wrestlers. All of the wresters did an amazing job. Mapleton Jr was well represented on the metal podium, winning 7 1st place gold metals and placing in 9 other weight categories. First place finishers from Mapleton are: Hailey Cox, Ben Petersen, Michael Peterson, Brandyn Van Tassell, Merritt Taylor and Payton Knight. Congratulation to all the wrestlers that competed and won a metal, metals were awarded to the top 3 finishers in each weight division. Wrestling is a very difficult sport and requires a great deal of commitment and dedication, so congrats to everyone that competed in this year’s tournament, you are all winners. Thanks to Dave Jex, Coach LaMont and his staff for running a great tournament.

Complete results listed below

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 77
1st Place - Tanner Pyne of Mt. Nebo
2nd Place - Braxton Merryweather of Spanish Fork
3rd Place - Martin Carassco of Springville
4th Place - Jacob Etheridge of Payson
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Tanner Pyne (Mt. Nebo) won by pin over Braxton Merryweather (Spanish Fork) (Pin 1:38)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Martin Carassco (Springville) won by decision over Jacob Etheridge (Payson) (Dec 7-6)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 84
1st Place - Hailey Cox of Mapleton
2nd Place - Stetson Shuman of Mapleton
3rd Place - Dylan Baker of Payson
4th Place - Beau Jensen of Spanish Fork
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Hailey Cox (Mapleton) won by forfeit over Stetson Shuman (Mapleton) (FF)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Dylan Baker (Payson) won by pin over Beau Jensen (Spanish Fork) (Pin 0:42)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 90
1st Place - Ben Petersen of Mapleton
2nd Place - Jordan Pena of Mt. Nebo
3rd Place - Jaron Myrup of Mapleton
4th Place - Estevan Perez of Mt. Nebo
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Ben Petersen (Mapleton) won by pin over Jordan Pena (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 3:22)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Jaron Myrup (Mapleton) won by major decision over Estevan Perez (Mt. Nebo) (Maj 13-4)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 95
1st Place - Jed Loveless of Payson
2nd Place - Zach Skinner of Mapleton
3rd Place - Jayden Gabbitas of Spanish Fork
4th Place - Dylan Bell of Payson
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Jed Loveless (Payson) won by pin over Zach Skinner (Mapleton) (Pin 0:59)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Jayden Gabbitas (Spanish Fork) won by pin over Dylan Bell (Payson) (Pin 3:46)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 100
1st Place - Michael Peterson of Mapleton
2nd Place - Justin Martin of Salem Hills
3rd Place - Austin DAvis of Spanish Fork
4th Place - Cael Ford of Payson
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Michael Peterson (Mapleton) won by decision over Justin Martin (Salem Hills) (Dec 5-0)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Austin DAvis (Spanish Fork) won by pin over Cael Ford (Payson) (Pin 1:27)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 105
1st Place - Brandyn Van Tassell of Mapleton
2nd Place - Austin Hone of Payson
3rd Place - Tyson Holman of Spanish Fork
4th Place - Brandon Harris of Payson
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Brandyn Van Tassell (Mapleton) won by forfeit over Austin Hone (Payson) (FF)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Tyson Holman (Spanish Fork) won by decision over Brandon Harris (Payson) (Dec 6-3)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 110
1st Place - Merritt Taylor of Mapleton
2nd Place - Wyatt Monroe of Payson
3rd Place - Bryton Shepard of Salem Hills
4th Place - Daxton Marrott of Mt. Nebo
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Merritt Taylor (Mapleton) won by pin over Wyatt Monroe (Payson) (Pin 1:06)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Bryton Shepard (Salem Hills) won by pin over Daxton Marrott (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 3:52)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 115
1st Place - Jaxon Vantasell of Salem Hills
2nd Place - Kyle Larsen of Salem Hills
3rd Place - Emilio Leva of Mt. Nebo
4th Place - Andrew Solarzano of Mt. Nebo
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Jaxon Vantasell (Salem Hills) won in sudden victory - 1 over Kyle Larsen (Salem Hills) (SV-1 7-5)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Emilio Leva (Mt. Nebo) won by pin over Andrew Solarzano (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 0:35)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 120
1st Place - Payton Knight of Mapleton
2nd Place - Troy Jones of Mt. Nebo
3rd Place - Parker Kay of Mapleton
4th Place - Edward Castaneda of Mapleton
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Payton Knight (Mapleton) won by pin over Troy Jones (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 1:17)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Parker Kay (Mapleton) won by decision over Edward Castaneda (Mapleton) (Dec 13-11)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 125
1st Place - Tyler Manookin of Payson
2nd Place - Tanner Rice of Payson
3rd Place - Ashton Cluff of Spanish Fork
4th Place - Dylan Carter of Mt. Nebo
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Tyler Manookin (Payson) won by tech fall over Tanner Rice (Payson) (TF 17-1)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Ashton Cluff (Spanish Fork) won by pin over Dylan Carter (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 1:05)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 130
1st Place - Luis Valdez of Mt. Nebo
2nd Place - Dennis Williams of Salem Hills
3rd Place - Koby Werry of Mapleton
4th Place - Ethan Morley of Spanish Fork
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Luis Valdez (Mt. Nebo) won by pin over Dennis Williams (Salem Hills) (Pin 0:47)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Koby Werry (Mapleton) won by forfeit over Ethan Morley (Spanish Fork) (FF)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 138
1st Place - Tanner Shuman of Mapleton
2nd Place - Brayden Madsen of Mt. Nebo
3rd Place - Spencer Kelly of Mapleton
4th Place - Hunter Brook of Mapleton
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Tanner Shuman (Mapleton) won by tech fall over Brayden Madsen (Mt. Nebo) (TF 18-1)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Spencer Kelly (Mapleton) won by forfeit over Hunter Brook (Mapleton) (FF)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 150
1st Place - Ryan Rodriguez of Mt. Nebo
2nd Place - Jess Barclay of Spanish Fork
3rd Place - Cory Rokovitz of Mapleton
4th Place - Collin Collyer of Spanish Fork
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Ryan Rodriguez (Mt. Nebo) won by pin over Jess Barclay (Spanish Fork) (Pin 1:01)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Cory Rokovitz (Mapleton) won by pin over Collin Collyer (Spanish Fork) (Pin 1:30)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 165
1st Place - Payden Osborn of Mt. Nebo
2nd Place - Kayden Hopkins of Spanish Fork
3rd Place - Clay Sundee of Payson
4th Place - Ammon Christiansen of Springville
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Payden Osborn (Mt. Nebo) won by pin over Kayden Hopkins (Spanish Fork) (Pin 3:43)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Clay Sundee (Payson) won by forfeit over Ammon Christiansen (Springville) (FF)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 190
1st Place - Adam Marck of Payson
2nd Place - Cody Samuels of Mt. Nebo
3rd Place - T.r. Hulse of Mapleton
4th Place - Parker Mason of Payson
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Adam Marck (Payson) won by forfeit over Cody Samuels (Mt. Nebo) (FF)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - T.r. Hulse (Mapleton) won by pin over Parker Mason (Payson) (Pin 0:53)

Junior High (7th-9th Grade) - 285
1st Place - Hunter Morganson of Mt. Nebo
2nd Place - Junior Mulipola of Mapleton
3rd Place - Ryan Coons of Spanish Fork
4th Place - Tyler Hone of Mt. Nebo
1st Place Match
1st Place Match - Hunter Morganson (Mt. Nebo) won by decision over Junior Mulipola (Mapleton) (Dec 10-7)
3rd Place Match
3rd Place Match - Ryan Coons (Spanish Fork) won by pin over Tyler Hone (Mt. Nebo) (Pin 1:00)

Mapleton Junior Kicks off 3rd term with Live it Up, Clean it UP campaign

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Tue, 01/22/2013 - 11:13

In an effort to help students understand the importance of being a respectful citizen and respecting their environment the administration has decided to have a “clean it up Campaign. We are encouraging students to clean up after themselves. Often time after lunch the cafeteria looks like a tornado has struck, and during class breaks garbage can be found in every hall. We are encouraging students to take pride in the school by simply cleaning up after themselves, and trash in garbage cans. In an effort to help students learn to respect the facilities we will be conducting a few activities; lunch wars will be a contest between the two lunches when a lunch group reaches a certain number of points, that lunch will be rewarded. The points are earned for how clean the cafeteria is at the end of lunch. Another activity is giving students tickets that can be redeemed for prizes if there name is drawn; tickets can be earned when a student is caught doing their part. We encourage you at home to help emphasize the importance of keeping our home, community and school in tip top shape, if everyone does a little it adds up to a lot.

MJHS wins district team wrestling Championships

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Fri, 01/11/2013 - 10:20

Congratulations to the Mapleton Junior High wrestling team for winning the Nebo District Team championship. The team won dual matches against all the other Junior high schools in the district, making them undefeated on the year. The matches began in December and concluded this week. During the dual meets varsity wrestlers would wrestle for team points, while JV wrestlers wrestled for experience and individual outcomes. Wrestling is a grueling sport that requires a mastery of technique, strength and endurance all of these young wrestlers have worked extremely hard all season. Team has represented our school very well showing great sportsmanship and competiveness. Mapleton Junior has an outstanding wrestling tradition which continues to grow. A big thanks to coach LaMont and his staff for the time, energy and commitment they have to the wrestlers at Mapleton Junior and for all they do for the sport. Individual honors are up for grabs this week as Mapleton Junior hosts the Nebo District Individual Championships this Wednesday (Jan. 16th) weight-in are at 7:30am wrestling begins around 9:00am in the main gyms. Good luck to all our wrestlers going for individual glory.

Mapleton Junior raises big money for “Shop with a Cop”

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Fri, 01/04/2013 - 10:26
Check presented to police 4,726
Mr Chappell getting a new cut
Mr. Powell slammin Marshmallows
Mrs. Rowley getting tased (kind of)

The students at Mapleton Junior High had the spirit of Christmas this holiday season. The student government began a fund raiser to help people in need enjoy the Christmas holidays. They set a goal of 2,000 dollars to be raised by the students. Thanks to the generosity of the students, teachers, and parents of the school we were able to raise over 4,200 dollars to benefit the Shop with a Cop program. The money was able to help several families in the area enjoy a wonderful Christmas which otherwise they may not have had that opportunity. As a reward for the students they got to enjoy a dare assembly in which the teachers, administration and student government students had to do and eat some disgusting things. On behave of the beneficiaries of this activity; we would like to thank all the patrons of Mapleton Junior High for their generosity and having the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Science fair a big success

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 12:27
Nicole Hickman
Winners pictured left to right: Haydon Cooper, Anne Wake, Madisen Ontiveros, Brinley Nelson, Marjia Farris, and Madi Rosser. Not pictured: Trevor Jeppson, Sophie Hill, and Abby Crandall.

On Wednesday, December 14th, Mapleton Jr. High had our annual science fair. There were many great projects this year. Thank you to all who came and participated in the event! The following students placed and will take their project to the Nebo School District Science Fair coming in February.

9th Grade

1st place (tie)-Anne Wake

Project Question: Do males or females verbalize frustration first?

Experiment: For my experiment, I had 11 males and 11 females play the “moron test.” During the test, I timed how long it took them to verbalize their frustration. The end results proved that males verbalize their frustration first.

1st place (tie)-Madisen Ontiveros

Project Question: How can geothermal energy power a community?

Experiment: My experiment was to see which way of wing geothermal energy would be most efficient. My results were that the more wells you had connected to the earth would result in better energy and power.

8th grade

1st place- Haydon Cooper

Project Question: What lubricant makes the bearing spin the longest?

Experiment: For my project I wanted to see which lubricant is the best. I put my bearing on a wooden dowel and clamped it in place with a vise. I spun the bearing with a drill on the highest speed and timed until the bearing stopped. I repeated this for all the lubricants, cleaning the bearings with contact cleaner each time. In the end only one lubricant, powdered graphite, spun longer than no lubricant at all.

2nd place-Sophie Hill and Abby Crandall

Project Question: Can you taste the color?

Experiment: How we tested our project was we took vanilla pudding and put food coloring in the pudding. We had 3 colors: green, reddish pink, and plain vanilla color. We had people taste the pudding and we asked them what flavor they thought it was. We tested people from ages 5-18+. All the kids 5-9 thought the flavor was based on the color (example: green=lime). Everyone else from ages 10+ took time to taste the pudding and almost everyone knew they were all vanilla.

3rd place (tie)-Marjia Farris and Brinley Nelson

Project Question: How does smell affect taste?

Experiment: For our experiment we wanted to see how smell affects taste. We took 3 high school aged boys and had them eat chicken nuggets in 5 different types of aromas. The 5 aromas were: normal, pumpkin scentsy, stinky shoes and socks, perfume, and balsamic vinegar. We concluded that smell does affect taste.

3rd place (tie)-Madi Rosser

Project Question: What happens to underwater plants when I add oil to the plants? (acting like an oil spill)

Experiment: I had 4 aquatic plants, each the same type. I placed them in 4 separate jars and labeled them plant A-D. Plant A had oil, B had gasoline, C had red food coloring, and D was my control with water. I observed the plants for 2-3 weeks and noted any changes. Plant B, C, and D were all in bad condition. Plant B had no leaves on it, Plant C’s roots turned red and the leaves had started to change color, and Plant D was not healthy at all. Plant A, however, looked brand new. It was a funny turnout for my experiment and I believe that if I had used something to put around Plant A’s jar to stop the sun rays from reaching the plant, the results would be different. I had a lot of fun with the experiment and try my experiment again with another theory.

7th grade

1st place-Trevor Jeppson

Project Question: How many magnets will light up a light the best in a light shake?

Experiment: I made two shake lights and hooked a LED light to them. Then I put in magnets and shook them to see how the light lights up. My hypothesis was that the 5 magnets would work the best. My hypothesis was wrong—3 magnets could light the light very bright, but 5 magnets gave no light at all.

Mapleton Jr. Fine Arts department puts on Fabulous Christmas Shows

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 10:03
Band performs at Christmas concert
Jazz band performs at Christmas concert

The fine arts department at Mapleton Jr. has been working extremely hard preparing for their Christmas concerts and it paid off. The band, choir and orchestra all put on amazing performances in front of standing room only crowds. The choir started off the week with a show on Monday, the orchestra performed on Thursday followed by the band on Friday. A huge thanks goes out to the students for their hard work and dedication, to the teachers (Mrs. Helquest, Thompson, and Smith) for the time and effort going above and beyond the call of duty and to the parents and families of the students for supporting their children. We have a great Fine Arts department at Mapleton Junior High and we are very proud of the programs that have been developed over the years.

Nebo Christmas Card winners from MJHS!

Submitted by kristen.clayton on Mon, 12/17/2012 - 11:20

Nebo School District received many entries for the Nebo School District Christmas Card. This year, junior high students competed for this honor.

Congratulations to two of our students at MJHS!

Second place went to Tia Bray.  Tia’s artwork is on the Nebo Education Foundation’s Christmas card and went to hundreds of generous people and businesses that donated throughout the year to the Nebo Education Foundation for students of Nebo School District.

Third place went to Kylie Diamond from Mapleton Junior. 


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