Spirit of the Mustang - February

Brittany Lundell

Mrs. Clement is such a wonderful teacher and mentor. She has been a really great blessing to me in my life and is always so willing to help me out. She has really show to me what it means to have a positive healthy student teacher relationship. She wants nothing more than to have her students be successful not only in the classroom but in life. She has taught me so many things about teaching, organization, how to talk to parents and most importantly how to talk to students.

Honors English 9 Application

Alisha Adams

Applications for Honors English 9 at MJHS for the 2015-2016 school year are now available with the 8th grade English teachers. Applications will be available March 2nd through April 1st. Applications are due to your 8th grade English, Mrs. Adams in room 117, or Mrs. Bird in the main office teacher by no later than April 3rd. Please contact your current English teacher if you have any questions. 

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March for Hope

Kirsten Hullinger

Everyone interested in joining our local HOPE Squads in a walk to promote mental health and the prevention of suicide in our community.