Yearbook cover by Courtney Robison

Jessica Low

This year’s yearbook will feature one MJHS student’s photography prowess. Early in the year the yearbook staff and photography class (taught by Mr. Anderson) joined forces to find a picture for the cover of the yearbook. Many students submitted great photos, but Courtney Robison’s was chosen. 


The yearbook staff felt that Courtney’s picture best represented the yearbook theme “Entering the Unknown.” The picture features a student overlooking Mapleton as the sun is rising. Staff members commented that they liked how the photograph showed a new day with infinite potential because this school year is a new year with infinite potential. 


Once Courtney’s picture was selected, a team of professional designers worked to transform the picture into our yearbook cover. The designers added a swirling pattern into the picture to represent the way in which the future is unknown. They also added the school name. The cover is a matte finish with a glossy title. 

The amazing talent that went into creating the yearbook cover is just the beginning. Each page of the yearbook was made with care. Pages follow a common design theme to create the best look possible. Each spread also averages 30+ pictures to make sure that as many students as possible are covered in the book. In fact, over 50% of the student body is in the yearbook three times or more!


If you would like to purchase a yearbook, you can do so in the finance office. Books are $26. All orders are due by this Friday, May 22. Yearbooks will be distributed during 6th period on May, 27. Any remaining books will be sold on the last day of school. If you are not sure if you have purchased a book yet, please email Mrs. Carey at (


9th Grade Night Celebrations

Andrea Pond

What a successful night celebrating our 9th Grade class.  The students enjoyed food, fun and activities! We will miss this class next year!


Lagoon Day

Andrea Pond

Lagoon Day is May 28th~


Lagoon permission slips were handed out Monday.  Students will need to turn in their parent signed permission slip along with $6.00 for the bus ride to the finance office in order to secure a spot.  The cost for students to enter Lagoon is $31.00 (CASH ONLY).



Origami for Mother's Day

Holly Tippetts

Thursday, Ms. Tippetts seventh grade English students combined two Japanese art forms to create mementos for Mother's Day. Students first wrote a narrative Haiku on a piece of paper and folded that into origami. Surprisingly, writing the Haiku was much easier than folding a paper crane or 8-petal flower! 

Thanks to all the fantastic mothers that support us!

Spirit of the Mustang - Suzie Rowley

Andrea Pond

Susie Rowley is a great example of what the spirit of the mustang is all about.  We all know how much Susie has on her plate all the time.  She teaches her classes with energy and passion while maintaining high standards of learning.  All students love to attend Susie’s classes.  She has a busy home life caring for and loving her children and her husband.  She also has a group of students here at the school that love and look up to her for guidance.  Of course I am referring to the student government.  She fulfills the advisor role with a very high level of expectation and the students give it to her because of the respect they have for her.  During the elections here at the school, she always had a smile on her face and accepted every challenge that came her way with determination.  She mentioned that election day was the greatest and the worst day of the year for her.  With all of the love she shows for her students, we all know that this was a true statement for her.  Susie is highly respected by her students, fellow teachers, administration, and her family.  It is for this and many other reasons that Susie Rowley deserves the spirit of the mustang award for the month!  


9th Grade Night

Suzie Rowley

May 8th


5 $ w/ I.d. 6$ w/out

  • Photo booth
  • Giant twister
  • Basketball
  • Human hungry hungry hippos
  • Ending with a paint fight (wear clothes that you are okay to get wet and dirty)


Students of the Month - April

Andrea Pond

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the April 2015 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for April are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Jackson Adams, Jacob Myers

English: Andrew Jensen, Savannah Cochran, Jacob Jackson

Fine Arts: Megan Newbold, Summer Woodward, Kaden Call

Health:Caleb Gardner

Life Skills: Alex Austin, Jake Schultz, Hunter Davis

Math: Bina Sparks, Emma Taylor, Jacob Payne

PE: Payton Murphy. Rylan Poulsen, Jarrett McAllister

Science: Cate Wayment

Social Studies: Raelee Smuin, Jesse Dean

School Service: Bailey Morgan


MJHS Yearbooks

Jessica Low


The year is almost over, and the yearbook is for sale. Make sure you remember this year with a yearbook created by MJHS's very own award winning yearbook program. Yearbooks are 26.00, you can purchase from the finance office.  55 percent of the student body is in the book at least three times. The yearbook covers traditional events like sports and assemblies, but also includes: Mrs Frankowski's rockets, flag football, seventh grade day, foods class, motivated mustang activities and more. Not sure if you already bought a book? Call the school at (801) 489-2289 or check in the finance office.