HOPE Squad

Kirsten Hullinger

MJHS started the Hope Squad this year. The mission statement of Hope Squad is to reduce the number of youth suicides in the state of Utah by providing education, training, and expertise in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention.


Last Wednesday the Hope Squad members attended their training at Shadow Mountain. The mountains were beautiful and the time was well spent! Dr. Greg Hudnall was our guest speaker and he talked about the role and importance Hope Squads have all across the state of Utah. He motivated and got us excited about our newly formed Hope Squad.


Mr. Jex did a great job with activities and team building exercises to help us get to know each other better and start working towards the goals we would like to meet as we go throughout the year.


The students created posters to help promote the Hope Squad so watch for them in the hallways and let a Hope Squad member know if you need help with anything!


Back Row Left to Right: Emily Westercamp, Gracie Miller, Bela Balser, Emma Mousser, Krianne Lamont, Erika Downs, Sarah Savage, Jaden Christensen. Jeremy Wood, Mia Schriever


Middle Row Left to Right: Gabi Smith, Sydney Liggett, Junior Valdovinos, Roman Christensen, Spencer Crockett, Griffan Slavens, Jonas Killpack, Hailey Cox, Amy Williamson, Julia Dean


Front Row Left to Right: Dallon Lweis, Alyssa Bennett, Sarah Black, Solly Kimball, Lacey Christensen, Kylie Johnson, McKenna Poulsen, Kendall Tormey, Rylan Poulsen, ​Allyson Fullmer


Not Pictured: Abigail Rowe, Presli Perrero


Red Ribbon Week at MJHS

Andrea Pond

Last week was Red Ribbon Week at MJHS.  The students all anchored together to take a stand against drugs and bullying by wearing red wristbands throughout the week.  They also wore RED on Wednesday and finished the week with an assembly.  We had a visit and demonstration by the K-9 dog and officers. Thank you to the students and teachers for a great week in support of Red Ribbon Week!

Written by Noah Rees

Red Ribbon Week is when we take a stand against drugs and bullying. We, the students, are responsible to taking in effect the morally right thing to do for us, and this week helps us to think about it. It also reminds us about how we should be drug free and to no bully or be a bystander. Say “no” to anything bully related and talk to a trusted adult.

I would like to share a story that a lot of people may have heard. There was a kid that got bullied so bad that he took all of his stuff home because he was going take his life. But, on the bus ride home he got bumped and a complete stranger helped him pick up his belongings. Because of that one good deed that kid changed his mind. That one instance of kindness helped save that kid’s life. Long story short, respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated.

I had a friend that battled with drug abuse all through last year. He finally got back on his feet during the spring. He was doing really well but then he felt urged to do drugs again. He didn’t want to disappoint anyone and so he took his life. Please help each other and be educated about the situation.

The only thing you need to be is a friend. 


Intro to Manufacturing Class at MJHS

Andrea Pond

Mr. Powell’s Intro to Manufacturing 1 class has started a toy truck project.  The students are working very hard tracing and cutting out wood pieces and will be assembling the trucks.  The environment in the workshop is very important.  Safety glasses and paying attention to the surroundings is vitally important.  The students are doing an amazing job learning skills they will use in the future.  View the slide show for photos of the finished project and of the students at work.

MJHS Cross Country

Andrea Pond

The MJHS Cross Country Team had a meet last Friday and placed 2nd – All of the kids did a great job, they have all put in a lot of hard work and effort with practices and attending meets.  Congratulations and Way to Go!  The top 10 boys and girls times are the following:


Brook Lynn Galbraith - 9:23      

Emma Templeman - 10:29

Abbie Cannon - 10:31

Katie Rex - 10:36

Gracie Knutzen - 10:48

Kelsey Owens - 11:17

Camille Wirthlin - 11:21

Kelsie Jensen - 11:30

Lexie Owens - 11:38

Emily Osborn - 11:47


Cole Patterson - 8:49

Jacob Payne - 9:09

Josh Turley - 9:31

Michael Eifert - 9:57

Casin Burr - 9:58

Jackson Adams - 10:00

Zack Nelsen - 10:24

Jacob Nelson - 10:31

Seth McDaniel - 10:32

Samuel Trapnell - 10:33


Students of the Month for September

Andrea Pond

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the September 2014 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for September are (listed by academic area):

CTE- Joshua Lewis, Montserrat Morales, Janna Miller

English- Corbin Webster, Madisyn Frischknecht, Taylor Horlacher, Emma Scott

Fine Arts- Emerson Mather, Jodi Ashton, Kayla Ward

Foreign Language- Emma Mousser, Mark Mabry, Shayna Graves

Health- Gabi Smith, Tailyr Strasburg

Life Skills- Austin Caudel, Annaneya Anderson, Nilani Tupula, Devin Stuart,

Math- Tava Hickman, Elizabeth Roylance, Lucas ten Bosch

Science- Emerson Farley, Peyton Nackos, Morgan Davis

Social Studies- George Miller, Mia Schriever, Sara Jeffery


MJHS Gratitude Challenge

RaShel Anderson

To start the 2013-14 school year, our students and staff accepted Shawn Achor's challenge of being positive in the present. Shawn Achor is an American educator, author, and speaker known for his advocacy of positive psychology.  This challenge included:

1. Writing three new things each day for which you are grateful,
2. Write down one positive experience from the past 24 hours.
3. Exercise
4. Mediate
5. Provide one random act of kindness each day and write down what you did.

We have been pleased with our students and staffs' commitment to Shawn's challenge and have witnessed several acts of kindness at MJHS. In order to recognize these kind acts, staff members have been giving students a "random act of kindness ticket" to enter a drawing to spin our wheel, which offers a variety of prizes. Great job MJHS!

Spirit Week at MJHS

Catherine Cornaby

Did I Really Wear That?

​By Catherine Cornaby


   ​I have reflected on the past week. What with school Spirit thrust left, right, and such, I do believe I was quite caught up. But did I actually feel my school spirit, or did I focus on clothes? Judge for yourself.

Day 1:

    I look into the mirror. My outfit clashes grotesquely at every angle. I may have gone too far.  I am wearing several different styles, even going so far as to put a pointless Band-Aid on my leg. I think I must be tired, though I am almost refreshed knowing that I woke up this morning, hardly having to worry about how I would look. Again I gaze at my reflection, a blur of a bizarre rainbow. 

Day 2:

    I pull up my giant pants. They are so poufy. I lift the suspenders that will hold them up. Paired with my button up shirt, I remind myself of an old man, but I won't stop here. No, no, no. 

    My uncles once showed me the style of once upon a time. One of the fads then was to peg your jeans and show off your blinding white socks. 

Catherine, I say to myself, this week is not a time to worry about looking good! Show your school spirit. Peg 'em! With that, I reach down and peg my poufy "Old Goat" pants, showing off my white tights. I finish my bottom half with shoes given to me by my grandma. 

    I grab my hair and lift it on both sides at a 90 degree angle. I secure the long ponytails with elastics. I top everything off with Einstein glasses. Oh yeah. I am ready.

Day 3:

    I sit up in bed. Today is the day I've been waiting for. I've been planning my "do" for a while now. I know not how many girls have attempted this tremendous feat, but I feel confident that I will make myself known if I can pull off "The Beard Braid". I stare into the mirror. Time to begin. I march into my sister's room, strike a pose, and then shake her awake. She knows what to do. We work for half an hour or so, with no luck. I'm sure you cannot blame us. We weren't doing everything right. For starters, to get "The Beard Braid" perfect, you must think like a man. We later did achieve what some might call "The Close To Perfect Beard Braid," though I now know that growing a beard does not always turn out. My mother then drove to school where I became a celebrity of sorts, but only to those who truly appreciate the time and effort it takes to create "The Beard Braid".

Day 4:

    Today I am admiring the costumes of others around me at the home of the mustang. Many are quite clever. I just met a jolly fellow who dressed as a missionary for his religion. I also keep seeing Mr. Lazy and Captain America seems a favorite. It was good to have a break this day. I hadn't the faintest idea what to wear, so I didn't dress up. I do enjoy watching others have fun.

Day 5:

    Today is the last day I have to show my school spirit. That is actually the main purpose today. They call it Spirit Day. Ha ha, I do not own a school T-shirt, and blue, yellow and green are scarce in my closet. I have decided to wear blue with a mustang cut-out on my back. I think this is my favorite outfit.

    Overall, I must say that though it was crazy, I quite enjoyed my week. Seeing everyone make sillies out of themselves can be amusing, but you, dear reader, must remember that the true goal this past week was to show the true Spirit of the Mustang! Thank you for your time. :)


Masquerade Dance

Andrea Pond

Last Friday MJHS students ended "Spirit Week" with a ball - A Masquerade Ball!  

The students made masks to wear at the dance along with best dress.  We had amazing student support! A big thank you to the student government for planning such a fun activity for the students.  Our next dance will be the Halloween Dance, October 23rd.  

MJHS Tennis

Coach Jex

The Tennis Team has got off to an incredible start.  Coach Johnson and I have had so much fun.  The kids take such good care of each other and are always so supportive.  Most importantly, they represent the school so well. Way to go Mustangs!

Spirit Week at MJHS

As students and teachers we are celebrating our School Spirit Week this week at MJHS.  The students have been very creative for the various days of dress up.  The student council has done an awesome job planning the week!  We have had Mismatch Day, Nerd Day, Crazy Hair Day, School Spirit Day and will be ending the week with a Masquerade Dance.  What a great week we have had – Thank You for the support of our school!