Spirit of the Mustang - September

Stephanie Swenson


Josh Hobbs came to our school last year as a second year teacher.  He teaches Art in all its forms.  I've been so impressed with Josh!  He came to a classroom that had tons of material from previous teachers, a schedule that he didn't choose or have input on, and ended up needing to teach an extended day, which meant that he had no prep period.  Add to that the fact that his wife had a darling baby girl and he started working on his Masters degree.  This would be enough to put anyone over the edge! Yet - Josh came and continues to come to work every day with a smile on his face and an eagerness to work with his students! He loves to share his love of art and to help students find success as they try new things.  His positive attitude is contagious!  There are days when I purposely seek him out just so that I can feel better.  He is human - he does have days when he's frustrated, but he manages to find solutions that are positive for everyone involved.  He also has been so willing to help out wherever he is needed/So many of his colleagues have commented on what a great addition Josh is to our staff.  He truly exemplifies the Spirit of  the Mustang!


Spirit Week is September 22 - 26

Next Week is "Spirit Week" at MJHS 

Monday - Mismatch Monday

Tuesday - Nerd Day 

Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day

Thursday - Superhero Day / School Dance 6-8 pm

Friday - School Spirit Day 

Make sure you dress up to show school spirit!


Art Class at MJHS

Joshua Hobbs

Art 2 Students at MJHS recently explored and experimented with the painting style and technique of artist Jackson Pollock.  Visit the following website to learn more about the artist Jackson Pollack http://www.jacksonpollock.com/index.php

MJHS Cross Country

Andrea Pond

Mapleton Junior High hosted our first cross-country meet of the season today.  The schools that participated were Mt. Nebo Jr. High, Spanish Fork Jr. High and Diamond Fork Jr. High.  

One of our own students, Brooke Lynn Galbraith won with a time of 10:02!  Way to go Brooke Lynn, keep up the hard work of running. So proud of all the runners and their efforts!  With the weather cooperating, it was a great day for a race.


Welcome Back Assembly - "Our Time is Now"

Sadie White
Welcome Back Assembly

The assembly today was really fun. Most of it was based on High School Musical, but the student government put in some of their own words. My favorite part of the assembly was the basketball song: I love how they did the moves and worked with the basketballs. They didn’t just dribble and throw the basketballs in the air. A part in the dance was a student singing, and, man, can he hit the high notes.

The game played during the assembly was really interesting. Students chosen from the audience had a few minutes to learn as much as they could about each other. Then they were quizzed on how well they knew their partners.

The dance where the teachers joined in was super funny. Some teachers were really into it. Putting the school mascot, Steve the ‘Stang, in the assembly was an excellent choice. Whoever he or she is, they were a great addition. It was an amazing assembly that kicked off an amazing year.

The theme this year is one of the best. It can relate to anybody because “Our Time is Now.” We can choose who we want to and will become. We need to put all our effort into this school year and make it a great year. 


3-D Design

Mr. Hobbs

MJHS students recently completed class projects for the 3-D Design class. The projects were designed and constructed by the students, using the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude as their inspiration.  

Visit the following website to learn more about Wrapped 3-D Design 


What great work and effort by our students here at Mapleton Junior High School.  

Two Days of Educated Entertainment

by Lana Hiskey

Over one-hundred students from all of Nebo School District’s junior high schools participate in the two-day Nebo Shakespeare Academy. This fun-filled summer event features ice-breaker games, theatre motion, voice technique, acting competitions, food, and FUN! 

Mapleton Junior High School was full of excitement and energy as students learned the value of good collaboration and healthy competition. 

Guest speakers, Jan Shelton Hunsaker and Andy Hunsaker, not only entertained but taught award-winning theatre characteristics. Their Top Ten Tips of Shakespeare Acting enchanted the junior high actors. Both guests were educated and trained at SUU’s Shakespeare Festival. The Hunsaker’s enormous theatre programs have taken many first place awards at competitions such as the Shakespeare Acting Competition, the Tuachan School for the Performing Arts, and the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts. The Hunsakers are both teaching in Nebo School District at Spanish Fork High School.  

This Nebo School District Shakespeare Academy is in its fourth year, and the Nebo District junior high teachers stated, “We have the most supportive school board and administrators across the state, whom support our desires to give our students this amazing experience.”

Nebo School District junior high school theatre teachers and Shakespeare coaches include:  Kara Poulsen, Diamond Fork; Kristina Holley, Spanish Fork; Rock Hatch White, Mt. Nebo; Nichole Clement, Mapleton and Springville; David Antablian, Payson; DeAnna Ashworth and Catherine Lyon, Salem.


School Community Council Election


School Community Council Elections

Notification Reminder

Who:  All parents or guardians of students attending MJHS are eligible to vote                          

            for council members (one vote per person).   

When:  Monday, August 18th – Monday August 25th    

Where:  Main Office at MJHS

Time:  Regular school hours (7:30am-3:30pm)


Parents will check-in with the secretary in the front office and receive a ballot.  From the ballot, you will select four names then place your ballot in the ballot box.  We encourage all parents to participate in the selection process.


The following individuals have expressed interest in being candidates for the four seats that are available on this year’s Community Council:

Amberly Beck

Jeremy Browne

Jeanine Lewis

Kaylyn Reed

Amy Porter

Vicki Jacobson

*If you are interested in becoming a candidate you may still do so by e-mailing you name to Jeff Nelson (jeffrey.nelson@nebo.edu).  The deadline for submitting your name is Friday, August 15th by 12:00pm.

Another MJHS Star Athlete

Abbey Miner, 9th grade student at MJHS, recently competed in the Junior Olympic Gymnastics Championship in Jackson, Mississippi.  She took 2nd in the nation on vault and 5th on floor.  She is an amazing athlete with tremendous dedication.  You may be rubbing shoulders with a future Olympian!!  Abbey is the daughter of Gary and Sandi Miner of Mapleton.