Girls Varsity Tennis District Finals

Justin Johnson

The girls varsity tennis team played their region tournament on October 8th.  The girls played very well and were mentally strong the entire day playing 6 or 7 matches during the long and hot day.  

Alexi Corfield finished in 2nd place in the first singles division.  Annabeth Templeman finished 2nd in the second single division.  Samantha Smith and Haley Marshall finished 3rd in the first doubles division.  Savannah Cochran and McKenzie Jensen finished in 1st place in the second doubles division.  Annalyse Jameson and Eliza Ouzonian finished in 1st place in the third doubles division.  After all of the matches were played and the final points were added up, Mapleton Junior High came away victorious to take the region championship! 
Congratulations to all the girls and how well they played!


Teacher Spotlight

Tiffany Jones

One of our fabulous math teachers is Stephanie Swensen. She does everything possible to help students succeed! She loves all food, and loves to cook! She also loves to sew, hanging out with her family and sarcasm! She is married and has 3 great kids. They have a cute fluffy dog! She loves to travel to national and state parks in Utah. She also loved going to Europe.

We are so happy that Mrs. Swensen is here at MJHS sharing her talents and love of teaching!

October 2015 PEAK Award

Martin Powell

Marianne Stevens, Technician, Mapleton Junior

“Mrs. Stevens assists students in CTE during FLEX time for the last couple of years. She is has been assigned for one period once a week in a CTE class to support the curriculum and facility needs of the teacher and students. Her desire to be constantly engaged in service is so exceptional. Immediately upon her arrival, Mrs. Stevens is engaged in the needs of students and the teacher. She is resourceful in finding solutions to the processes of the facility and classroom. ‘What can I do next?’ is an important sentence in her vocabulary. She brings a wonderful aura of ‘can do’ to the classroom. Mrs. Stevens is a work model for students and teachers to follow. She is ‘A Keeper’.”

Spirit of the Mustang - October

Linda Woodfield

Kevin Diehl is a new member of the faculty, yet he has won the hearts and voices of the choir students at Mapleton Jr. High.  I overheard some of his students talking in the Foods Lab about what a great teacher he is, and what a great sense of humor he has.

To help to get to know him better, here is some information about Kevin.

Kevin grew up in Brigham City, and did his undergraduate and graduate studies at Utah State University.   He taught choir and general music for a year at Aristotle Academy in American Fork.  He also directed and co-directed the USU Chorale and Women’s Choir while doing his graduate work.  Musically, he plays the piano, organ and tin whistle.  He sings tenor.

Kevin has been married to his wife, Megan, for six years, and has two darling daughters—Ellie, age 3 and Ivy, age 1.  Kevin enjoys watching movies, talk radio, and hanging out with his family.  One unique thing about him is that he is a true Aggie through and through, and unlike most of his friends, accomplished this task with the same girl he ended up marrying.


Mapleton Jr. Shakespeare Team Excels

Becky Clement

Mapleton Jr. High School’s Shakespeare Team shined in the Southern Utah University's 3 Day Shakespeare Competition. They competed in multiple events, including an ensemble scene title A Stage Manager’s Nightmare. The actors depicted a conflict between the director, Alden Sturgeon, and the stage manager, Hope Taylor.  During the scene, Alden recruited actors from the classic tragedy Romeo and Juliet to participate in Midsummer Night’s Dream. The judges made comments such as “I would have paid to see this.” and “I couldn’t stop laughing.” The team included Trace Groneman, Sarah Estes, Jace Hamilton, Anton Moss, Alden Sturgeon, Hope Taylor, Halle Brinkerhoff, Emily Cleveland, Emma Eastmond, Michael Eifert, Porter Killpack, George Miller, and Mia Schriever.


The team also participated in monologue, duo and trio scenes in three rounds of competition. Additionally, Sarah Estes stepped in at the last minute to assist the Salem Hills Team in rigging for the Tech Competition. We are so proud of our Shakespearean Actors, not only for their stupendous performances, but for their professional conduct throughout the competition, and their kindness and consideration for everyone.   


8th Grade English Narratives

Melissa Heaton

All 8th grade English students are sharing their narratives, today. We are eating s'mores mix and reading our stories by the light of a virtual fire.

Students of the Month - September

Andrea Pond

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the September 2015 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for September are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Aislynn Barcelon, Leah Ribble

English:  Adrian Gamez

Fine Arts:  Addison Hansen, Sydney Haslem, Leslie Griffin

Foreign Language:  Betsy Huntington, Halli Johnson, Gigi Paduano

Health: Chelsie Hawkes

Life Skills: Brynn Henrie, Anna Anderson, Nick Lape

Math: Seth Krommenhoek, Zachary Wright

PE: Zachary Johnson, Porter Eason, Jayleen Vargas

Science: Emily Jolley, Elliot Layton, Aaron Mele

Social Studies: Kevin Kolomalu, Saige Snow, Elizabeth Rex

School Service: Harrison Nemelka, Solly Kimball


Teacher Spotlight

Tiffany Jones

Justin Johnson is one of our amazing Science teachers at MJHS. The students love his enthusiasm and love for science. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face! He is the girl’s tennis coach and learn so much from him. They really should, because he was the State Tennis Champion!! He graduated from Spanish Fork High School and went onto UVU. He loves fried shrimp, the colors red and green, and his favorite place to travel is Alaska. He is married and has 4 kids.

Thank you Mr. Johnson for being such an amazing teacher at MJHS!! 


"X" marks the SPOT Spotlight

Melissa Heaton

Ms. Heaton recognized Holly Tippetts in our Nebo News Newsletter.  

Holly Tippetts: Teacher, Mapleton Junior "She's cheerful, postitive, and hard working."  She's an advocate for students and teachers.  It's not unusual for Holly to break out in a rap to help students remember concepts or share a joke to improve the learning environment."

We have amazing teachers at MJHS!


Breaking New...Spirit Week at MJHS

Ryan J Call


Good morning, everyone! This is Anne Onymous and I'm here with your breaking news in Mapleton Junior High School.

On Monday, the students went on strike . . . against the opponents of School Spirit. Students wore colors, jerseys, and Mustang memorabilia. Witness Kim Kardashian says: "Is this thing on . . . ? How's my makeup?" She checks her makeup. "Sorry, anyways, yeah. All these kids were showing up to school wearing the colors of their school. It was kinda cool, I guess."

On Tuesday, kids were wearing their favorite sports teams. Witness Lebron James states: "Everyone wore their favorite teams. I didn't see much Miami Heat, which made me sad . . ."

On Wednesday, everyone wore their hair up or down or to the sides, and some people did other weird, yet cool things for their Wacky Wednesday. A witness seagull says: "SQUAAAA!"

And on Thursday, they wore sweaters. They looked like they had been knit by grandma. Now these kids have got guts. We have no witnesses, unfortunately.

And on the final day, the kids wore flannels for Flannel Friday. It was a colorful day of plaid, which was an amazing way to end the week.

I'm Anne Onymous, and I'm reporting for MJHS. Thank you, everyone!