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Mapleton Junior High School Announcements

Mapleton Junior High School Announcements for 9/22/2020

Cross Country

No cross country practice today. Please do an own your own work out. Practice will resume as normal tomorrow.


As time goes on we are noticing that everyone is not following the seating and mask rules during lunch. This is a reminder. You may take off your mask inside while eating as long as social distancing is being followed. This means sitting on the colored dots on the lunch table benches. If you are eating in the hall this means that you will not be sitting right next to each other. You need to put some space between you and your friends. When you are done eating you need to put your mask back on until you are outside.

Cross Country

Fall Sports
With everything constantly changing we wanted to clear some things up.
We will no longer be practicing on Monday. Monday will be an on your own run day.
Practice will go as follows:
Tuesday-Thursday 2:30-4:30. Meet in the wrestling gym with homework or something you can quietly do.
Fridays are meet days.


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