Mapleton Junior High School Announcements

Mapleton Junior High School Announcements for 12/8/2019

Reminder to Use Flex to Raise Grades

We want to remind all students to use flex time effectively - You need to go to the teacher where you have a deficient grade during flex (D, F, and I grades are deficient). Please hustle to the deficient grade classroom by the time the tardy bell rings. If you have multiple deficient grades go to the priority day or if you don't have a deficient in the priority class, go to your lowest percentage grade. If your teacher isn't available find a study hall on the hallway flex charts and go there. Remember - Starting this week orange slips will no longer be used - you will be expected to arrive and STAY in the same location for the entire flex time. Let's get those grades up - Only Cs, Bs, and As before the holidays!

Class Changes

Class changes will be available for students from Dec. 2-Jan 9, 2020. All class changes are $5 and require a form signed by teachers, parents and counselors. Classes are limited, thus not all requests will be granted. Please sign up in the counseling office and your counselor will call you down. No class changes will be made after January 9, 2020. Please plan ahead and get your requests in early.

Annual Fundraiser

Student Government
“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.” Today through December 13th we will be accepting donations for this year's fundraiser. Fundraiser proceeds will go to Sub for Santa and Blankets and activities packs for the kids at the hospital. Starting tomorrow we will randomly draw students who have donated at least $5 to get prizes!! We will continue doing this everyday through out the fundraiser.

The top 4 classes that received the most donations get a party!!

If each person donates $2.50 we can reach our goal of $3500. Please take your donations to your second period teacher. This year you can be the change in someone’s life by donating a few dollars!


Mapleton Jr High HOPE SQUAD is holding their first annual Operation Gratitude service opportunity. We encourage all to participate by visiting the front office and writing thank you cards to the military and veterans. There is a drop box and thank you cards, along with instructions of what to include. We are so proud of Mapleton Jr High and grateful for your continued efforts to reach out to others!


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