Mapleton Junior High School Announcements

Mapleton Junior High School Announcements for 4/18/2015

MM High School

Dance Company
Maple Mountain High School Dance Company auditions for the 2015­2016 school year will be Wednesday, April
29th from 3­6pm in the MMHS Dance Room. Applicants must attend one of two clinics on Monday, April 27th,
or Tuesday, April 28th from 3­5 pm in addition to the tryout. Information and applications are found on the MMHS
website under Performing Arts and Healthy Lifestyles. Come and be a part of Maple Mountain Dance Company!

Theater Festival

Drama students we are having our Third annual Theater Festival Sat. April 25th From 9:00 am till 4:30 pm. It is at Diamond Fork Jr High and we invite all students to attend. You are not required to have had theater classes come with your friends and see how you like theater.

Springville Dance

If you are interested in trying out for the Springville Dance Company, come and get a flyer in the office. There are also posters on the bulletin board!


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