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Mapleton Junior High School Announcements

Mapleton Junior High School Announcements for 4/19/2021


Remember last Christmas? Remember how you felt the first time you had lunch five minutes early? Remember dressing up for Spirit Week? Remember when your teacher told that really great joke? Helping you remember is what your yearbook is for! Make sure you order a yearbook so you can remember all the stuff you did this year. Order today in the finance office. You'll need to pay $30 to Mrs. Carey.

Suzie-- During the week you can change "Remember..." for some of these:
Remember who you sat by for lunch in October?
Remember Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, or Wresting?
Remember the school musical?
Remember who won the Art Contest?
Remember Battle of the Books?
Remember when you got quarantined?
Remember using hand sanitizer five times every period?
Remember the yummy scent coming from the foods room?

Spirit Week!!

Student Council
Show your school spirit by dressing up next week!!

Movie Monday- Dress like your favorite movie character
Tropical Tuesday- Dress like a tropical tourist
Colorful Wednesday- Dress up in only one color
Throwback Thursday- Dress like you're in the 80's
Fan Friday- Dress up in your teams sports gear

Apply for the Hope Squad

It's time to start applying for Hope Squad for next year! All applications are due by April 30th at 3pm. No late applications will be accepted. You should have received an email this week with instructions. You will notice that 2 teacher recommendations are required. Please send the link to your teachers (and talk to them so they know about it) ASAP. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Henderson in the counseling office.

MMHS Chamber Orchestra Auditions

If you want to audition for next year's MMHS Chamber Orchestra, all information will be available on the orchestra website starting Monday, April 19th. Submissions will not be accepted after Monday, May 3rd. Please contact Miss K for further details.


Don't forget to order your yearbook! You'll definitely want to remember everything that happened this year, plus you'll want your friends to sign your book at the end of school. Get your $30 to Mrs. Carey's office as soon as possible, because when the books are gone--they're gone.

Jr. High Student Government Meeting

Save the Date! Are you interested in running for Student Council for Mapleton or Springville Jr. High next year? If so, come to a meeting April 19th right after school in Mrs. Mohler's room 402. You will need to bring a transcript of this years grades with you. You can get that from Mrs. Pond in the Counseling office.


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