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November 2015

Student Feature

Submitted by andrea.pond on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 10:54
Ellie Wheeler - 8th Grade

Amelia Bateman, an 8th grader at Mapleton Junior High School, recently got 2nd place in the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music. To audition she had to send in a video of her playing the violin. She did a great job. She said, “I learned how to make a video and how hard it really is to make one with no mistakes.” Bateman is glad her hard work payed off.

Amelia has been playing the violin since she was 4 years. Playing for almost 10 years now, Bateman has advanced tremendously. Throughout the years she has played many different genres of music. She enjoys playing the fast and upbeat kind. Amelia also enjoys playing the Kabalevsky concerto by Samuel Barber and Baal Shem.

After much hard work Bateman has the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall New York in March. She is very excited. She said, “I am glad that I’m able to have the experience of playing in Carnegie Hall. It is really cool that I can go because many famous people have performed there before me.” The piece Amelia will be playing is Scottish Fantasy by Max Bruch First Movement. 


Students of the Month - November

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 13:03
Andrea Pond

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the November 2015 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for November are (listed by academic area):

CTE: McKenna Cherrington, Michael Eifert, Holly Carter

English: Alice Call, Jaxson Porray, Shayna Diede

Health: Bailey Shuman, Ruby Baird

Fine Arts: Melanie Mower, April Banks, Jaedyn Garcia

Math: Katelyn McClean, Ethan Compas

Science: Megan Diamond, Keana Mele, Abigail Aldred

Social Studies: Emma Collette, Yun Vargas, Colby Carter

School Service: Dilan Christensen, Elli Chiniquy, Gehrig Limb

Nebo Student Abi Rowe honored by Springville City

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 11/24/2015 - 08:37
Andrea Pond

The Springville Mayor and City Council were honored to recognize three Nebo students at November’s City Council Meeting. These students were nominated by their teachers, principals and counselors.  Anyone in the community can nominate a Springville student they observe being a great example, providing service and overall being a positive contributor to our great city.  One of our MJHS students was nominated and presented with an award.  

Abigail Rowe is the daughter of Dave and Debbie Rowe. She is an 8th grader at Mapleton Junior High. Kirsten Hullinger, MJHS counselor and HopeSquad Advisor, nominated Abi for being kind, trustworthy and being concerned about those around her. Abi is friendly and always has an encouraging word. She is always willing to step in and offer to help.

Make Your Own Colony...

Submitted by andrea.pond on Fri, 11/20/2015 - 10:57
Michael Nalette

Students in all U.S. History classes learned about colonization in the early years of our nation’s history.  Students learned about the many different and interesting facets that lead to colonist establishing thirteen colonies in North America.  To culminate our unit of instruction on colonization students were challenged with the assessment to make their own colony.  Students were instructed to use their knowledge of colonization and create a colony of their own.  Students selected a location for their colony within one of the original thirteen colonies.  For their colonies the groups of students created a name, map, flag, business/industry, government, and an anthem.  Students presented their colonies to their peers in class.  


Nebo Education Foundation Awards Librarian Lori Marett a Grant

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:34
Andrea Pond

The Nebo Education Foundation board awarded a grant this month to Lori Marett our Librarian at MJHS. The Foundation Board functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses as well as fundraisers where all the money goes to educate students in Nebo School District.  

Mrs. Marett commented about her grant being awarded by the Nebo Foundation.  "I was a little worried about writing a grant, but the directions were clear and easy to follow.  I ordered three classroom subscriptions to various Scholastic magazines.  These magazines provide current, interactive information to our students.  Along with the physical magazine comes an interactive website that students can log into as well.  Already I have had several teachers come and ask for the magazines.  English, science, social studies, and geography teachers are currently using them in their classroom.  In addition to having these collections available, I also type up the table of contents for each magazine on a Google Document so that each teacher has ready access to the each magazine’s content.  It has been an amazing addition to our regular curriculum.  Both teachers and students are excited about having access to this pertinent and current information.  After keeping the magazines in the library collection, the classroom sets are then given to individual teachers to use permanently in their classrooms.  I am grateful for the Nebo Foundation’s help in getting this great resource for our school."  


POW! SNAP! BOOM! Art and Creative Writing Comic Strips

Submitted by andrea.pond on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:08
Contributors: Amy Ollerton and Holly Tippetts

Students in drawing and creative writing classes are currently collaborating on a comic strip unit to hone their writing and drawing skills while exploring the narrative relationship between text and pictures. Comic strips and graphic novels are popular subject matters for movies, television, and other media venues enjoyed by many MJHS students. Stay tuned for featured comic strips of talented MJHS students.


Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Standing

Submitted by andrea.pond on Thu, 11/05/2015 - 09:54
Tiffany Jones

One of our amazing math teachers is Mrs. Standing! She is married and has 2 children. She also has 2 dogs that are part of the family. Her favorite food is NYC pizza from Ray's pizza. Her favorite color is orange. Her hobbies are shopping, shopping, and shopping! She went to Ricks college, BYU and SUU. Her favorite place to travel is The Barcelo in Mexico. A very interesting thing about her is she has NEVER had a cavity!! In 5 years, she plans to be retired, lying on a raft in the Caribbean Sea!

We are so lucky to have Mrs. Standing at MJHS. Thank you for helping students learn to love math!


“Spirit of the Mustang” Award for November 2015

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 09:43
Kevin Diehl

Hillary has given exemplary service to Mapleton Junior High for many years now.  Richard Daybell, our head custodian, said that she came to work for him starting at age 17.  She has been working under him ever since and has proven herself to be an invaluable member of this school’s staff. 

Hillary is a hard-working, dedicated person.  She can be seen laboring both in and around the school, keeping the grounds and facilities looking beautiful and well maintained.  She is willing to help wherever she is needed.  I observed that, when Richard was gone for a few days, Hillary took on both his duties as well as hers.  She did it all!  And she did it without complaining or acting put out.  In fact, during that period of time, Hillary was asked to help out with setting up for my most recent choir concert.  She did it willingly, making sure that everything looked the way I wanted it to.  I really appreciated not having to deal with that on my own!  And I especially appreciated her support during a time when I’m sure she had so many other things to do. 

The students know Hillary and appreciate her.  In my duties as a lunch monitor, I often see her talking with students and dealing patiently with their messes (literally!).   I believe that Hillary cares very much about our students.  This is evident not only by the custodial work she does every day, but also by her willingness to help them to succeed, like she did by helping with tracking this previous year.  

Richard observed that, in all the years he has known her, he can’t recall a single time when Hillary has said anything demeaning about anybody.  She truly is as kind as she is hard working.  I would like to give this “Spirit of the Mustang” award to Hillary, because she embodies all the attributes of a person that is 100% Mustang!  Thank you Hillary for all you do!  


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