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“Spirit of the Mustang” Award for November 2015

Submitted by andrea.pond on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 09:43
Kevin Diehl

Hillary has given exemplary service to Mapleton Junior High for many years now.  Richard Daybell, our head custodian, said that she came to work for him starting at age 17.  She has been working under him ever since and has proven herself to be an invaluable member of this school’s staff. 

Hillary is a hard-working, dedicated person.  She can be seen laboring both in and around the school, keeping the grounds and facilities looking beautiful and well maintained.  She is willing to help wherever she is needed.  I observed that, when Richard was gone for a few days, Hillary took on both his duties as well as hers.  She did it all!  And she did it without complaining or acting put out.  In fact, during that period of time, Hillary was asked to help out with setting up for my most recent choir concert.  She did it willingly, making sure that everything looked the way I wanted it to.  I really appreciated not having to deal with that on my own!  And I especially appreciated her support during a time when I’m sure she had so many other things to do. 

The students know Hillary and appreciate her.  In my duties as a lunch monitor, I often see her talking with students and dealing patiently with their messes (literally!).   I believe that Hillary cares very much about our students.  This is evident not only by the custodial work she does every day, but also by her willingness to help them to succeed, like she did by helping with tracking this previous year.  

Richard observed that, in all the years he has known her, he can’t recall a single time when Hillary has said anything demeaning about anybody.  She truly is as kind as she is hard working.  I would like to give this “Spirit of the Mustang” award to Hillary, because she embodies all the attributes of a person that is 100% Mustang!  Thank you Hillary for all you do!