School News

Spirit of the Mustang - January 2017

Amy Ollerton

Susan Holman is fair, she sets reasonable boundaries for students and holds them to it.  She is very professional and treats students really well.  I have never heard her talk poorly of her class. She is always very positive and her classroom is inviting to students.  She likes volleyball, reading, and traveling/family vacations. If she wasn't a teacher she would be a nurse. This is her seventh year teaching, but this is her first full year in a while. She loves yoga (she used to be a gymnast). In her free time she likes to paint.  If she weren't a teacher she would be a nurse.   Thank you Susan for being a positive force at MJHS, it's great teaching with you!



Make it with Wool

Bonny Groneman

The State Make It With Wool Contest was held at Mapleton Junior High on Saturday, December 3, 2016.  Five students from Mrs. Groneman's Apparel and Design 1 class participated in the contest.  They picked out their patterns and wool fabric and have been sewing for a couple of months.  They made beautiful outfits and participated in judging and a fashion show.  Students are Leah Groberg, Sydney Liggett, Sierra Berthold, Megan Newbold, and Keana Mele.  Megan Newbold placed 2nd in the State Junior division and all particpates received a piece of wool and other small prizes.  Congratulations! 

Spirit Week

Andrea Pond

Next week December 12-16 is Spirit Week, show your Mustang Spirit and support our student government in dressing up these days!!

Monday - Tropical Day - wear your favorite hawaiian shirt or just wear BLUE.

Tuesday - Lazy Day - sweats or pajamas.

Wednesday - Wacky Hair - Let's get creative with that hairspray.

Thursday - Superhero Day - Dress up as your favorite hero or villain.

Friday - Christmas Day - Bring your sleigh bells and ugly sweaters!!



Spirit of the Mustang - December 2016

Jodi Partridge


I chose to pass the Spirit of the Mustang Award onto Amy Ollerton.  Amy is always positive, energetic, and enthusiastic.  She loves to help others and is always quick to offer support.  She loves serving her students.  She goes out of her way to help them reach their potential, whether it’s helping them to be organized and catch up on their work or expanding their learning with engaging lessons.  She gets to know students on a personal level and makes sacrifices to help them achieve goals.  I’ve even seen students with breakfast sandwiches that Amy gave them for completing a goal they created together.  She is always trying new things, whether it is experimenting with using various forms of technology in her lessons or finding community resources, like the art truck.  She collaborates with other subjects.  She provides students with authentic learning opportunities and showcases their work around the school.  She cares deeply about her students.  She is a great example of service and lifelong learning.  She exemplifies what it means to be a Mustang!



November Students of the Month!

November Student of the Month

November Students of the month are:

CTE: Kallie Jensen, Rhett Tolman, and Megan Newbold

English: Simon Hovanski

Fine Arts: Adrian Gamez

Health: Chance McCausland, Lexy Warren

Life Skills: Riley Dunston, Carlos Santiago, and McArthur Barrett

PE: Weston Goulding

Science: Kaja Hadlock

Social Studies: Benny West, and Brionna Davis




Spirit of the Mustang - November 2016

Mailani Ovard

Jodi is a fun, kind person who takes the time to help students.  Even some of the toughest students seem to do well in her class.  Last year I had a student who did not want to work in any of his classes, but when given a choice he would always choose to do the work for Jodi's class.  He chose to do the work for her class not because he loved health class, but because Jodi would make accomodations, and he felt valued.  Jodi shows the students that she cares.  

Jodi was one of the first teachers that I met at this school, and since our classrooms where next door to each other in what I call the social abyss. the 400 hall.  Jodi made me feel welcomed.  She was always there to help or listen.  Even when I moved to the 100 hall she would take time to find out how I was doing.  I concider Jodi a wonderful teacher, a confidant and a friend!  

Sharing Kindness in CTE

Bonny Groneman

We had the privilege to have mother and son Sam and Christine Durst visit as guest speakers in Mrs. Groneman's College and Career Awareness classes this week.  Sam has cerebral palsy and does many kind things for others in our community.  He is a great example of sharing and being kind to others.  We are so happy they took the time out to visit our students and share with us his story.