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Lagoon Day May 24th

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Crystal Apple Award

Julie Park

Stephanie Swensen teaches because she loves kids and she loves teaching, in that order.  Stephanie majored in Statistics at BYU and then went on to have a career in industry.  She was very good at her job.  She managed people.  That was great preparation for teaching. 


After a number of years, she left her work and began her teaching career as a substitute teacher.  One of the hardest jobs ever.  She found out that she has a real talent for teaching and she liked it.  She decided that she wanted to do it full-time. 


She spent countless hours studying and taking classes in order to be a certified teacher.  She has blessed hundreds of lives since then.  She blesses the students she teaches and the people she works with. 


Stephanie truly cares about her students.  Stephanie sets high standards for her students and expects them to follow through.  She wants them to understand the material and have confidence using it.  She is always willing to help her students when they have questions.  She pushes them to be better than they thought they could be.  She celebrates with them when the have success.  She encourages and buoys them up when there are challenges. 


She is concerned about their lives in school and outside of school.  You will always find food in Stephanie’s closet, not for herself but for a hungry student.  Stephanie keeps her stash in her desk.  She likes a snack every now and then and a daily dose of Dr. Pepper.


Stephanie is great to work with.  She is a born leader.  She is very smart, works hard and helps others.   Stephanie is supportive of her co-workers.  She is willing to help wherever and whenever there is a need.  She lifts her co-workers to a higher level.  She candidly shares her opinions and ideas and respectfully listens to the ideas of others.  She is a problem solver.  She tackles challenges head on and has the courage and ability to move forward.  Stephanie is a great example of what a caring, competent teacher does.  It’s who she is. 


Stephanie is a math nerd, that is meant as a compliment.  She gets excited about math and shares her enthusiasm with her students and her co-workers.  She has a math T-shirt for every occasion and pi earrings to compliment her outfits. 


There have been studies done that say we become more like the three people we spend the most time with.  How grateful we are that we have spent time with Stephanie.  We are all better because of our association and friendship with Stephanie.  We know that as she leaves us to teach at Cottonwood High School, her circle of influence gets larger.  How grateful we are to be in that circle.  More teachers and students will be blessed because of her.  


Thank you, Stephanie, for all you have done.  We love you and we will miss you.

Spirit of the Mustang - May 2017


Deanne Helquist is my pick for Spirit of the Mustang. In the two years that I have been here I have seen that Deanne arrives at school early each day to prepare for school and to work with students who need extra practice. From the conversations that I have had with her, I can tell that she cares deeply about her students; not just when they are in her class, but even after they are graduated and married.


She seems to always have a positive attitude even when confronted with tough situations. She recently told me about an experience with a parent that was very difficult for her. She has had several opportunities to associate with this parent since then and was able to be positive because it was the right thing to do.


Deanne is an amazing teacher that is able to take students with little to no knowledge of music, and teach them to read what I consider a foreign language called “sheet music” and play an instrument in time with other students.  A task that is not easy. Her orchestra students are involved in multiple concerts and competitions throughout the school year, and have ranked well at these concerts. Not only does she teach the music to help prepare for the concerts but has to coordinate the transportation of all the instruments including setup and takedown.


Deanne teaches part time here at the junior high and part time at Maple Mountain High School. I don’t know how she is able to keep track of what she is doing at both schools, and keep up with grading, organizing concerts, and other performances. I know from experience when I first started teaching that managing two different school schedules, when there are assemblies, meeting and parent teacher conferences, is no easy task.  For these reasons and many others I believe that Deanne Helquist is a great example of the “Spirit of the Mustang.”



Andrea Pond

Last week was HOPE Week, Hope Squad members were busy with fun activities for the student body.  The students dressed up each day, donuts were during lunch, and positive post-it notes were hung on lockers. Thank you to the HOPE committee for making this a fun week bringing awareness to suicide prevention.  

April Students of the Month

Haley Miner
April Students of the Month

Congratulations to our April Students of the Month!  

English: Maya Hamalainen, Michael Workman

Life Skills: Josh Villar, Jacob Moreland, Zachary Wright, Veronica garrido, Alex Austin, Derek Bromley

Social Studies: Addison Hansen, Haley Marks

Math: Park Pehrson, Abbie Rowe

Health: Gracie Pittelli, Steven Goodrich, Chelby Carter

Science: Jonathan Holman, Mia Anderson, Amelia Michaelis

CTE: Chloe Ekker, Emily Westercamp, Haylee Oller

PE: Kaja Hadlock, Jeremy Shoell


MJHS Track Results

Andrea Pond

Click here for track meet results.


Andrea Pond

This week is HOPE Week at MJHS, we had an assembly on Monday with Miss Utah Lauren Wilson as a guest speaker.  As a school we hope to spread awareness about suicide prevention.  As well as encouraging students to reach out to each other. Encourage your student to support HOPE Week this week.

Tuesday - Hat Day 

Wednesday - Wear RED & WHITE 

Thursday - Neon Day 

Friday - School Spirit


State Math Contest

Cassidy Peterson

On March 17, 2017 several MJHS students competed in the State Math Contest. We would like to recognize MJHS’s top performers in each grade. 7th grade Isaac Woolford, 8th grade McKenzie Hoffman, and 9th grade Trevor Larsen. All students that participated did a fantastic job in representing MJHS.

MJHS Teacher of the Year

Andrea Pond

Congratulations to DeAnne Helquist who was nominated by our staff as Teacher of the Year!  “Deanne is fantastic! She is known throughout the state as one of the best orchestra teachers. She taught orchestra for over 41 years and positively influenced thousands of students. Deanne creates something magical in her classroom. Students are happily engaged in learning, playing, and harmonizing beautiful music in orchestra. She provides clear expectations, excellent pacing, positive reminders, cueing, proximity, and tasking. Deanne’s love for teaching and music brings learning alive for her students.”