A Myriad of Activities at Mapleton Jr. High

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Mapleton Junior High School has had a busy week. While it was a short week due to the Labor Day holiday it wasn’t short on events.

The MJHS Cross Country team had their first meet of the year at Spanish Fork Junior High on Thursday September 10th. It was a district wide meet with some tough competition. Megan Robinson (8th grade) took 2nd place overall in the District. Overall the team showed some promise and we anticipate great accomplishments from them this year.

Archery season is in full swing and we’ve got enough talent to give Robin Hood a run for his money. The girls and boys PE students have been working on learning archery and have been competing within their classes. The winner of each class period then competes against the other class period champions during a lunch time intramurals competition. Madysen Glazier (8th grade) won the girls intramural short distance archery championship that took place on Wednesday September 7th. She even received an intramurals tee-shirt to celebrate her win.

Saturday September 10th MJHS hosted the Mother/Daughter Archery Tournament in both long and short distances. Students could bring a friend who was 18 years of age or older to compete with.

There are also quite a few MJHS intramural events to look forward to for the rest of the month. Tuesday September 13th is the girl’s PE long distance intramurals archery tournament during lunch. The whole school archery tournament will be held Thursday September 15th after school. This is an opportunity for any student or faculty members to come and compete in long and short distance archery, whether they have PE this term or not. Tuesday September 20th will be the boys PE short distance archery tournament with the long distance tournament taking place on Wednesday the 21st.  Archery is an activity that many of the MJHS students enjoy learning and competing in.

Alisha Adams