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Welcome Back Assembly - "Our Time is Now"

Submitted by andrea.pond on Wed, 09/03/2014 - 10:56
Sadie White

The assembly today was really fun. Most of it was based on High School Musical, but the student government put in some of their own words. My favorite part of the assembly was the basketball song: I love how they did the moves and worked with the basketballs. They didn’t just dribble and throw the basketballs in the air. A part in the dance was a student singing, and, man, can he hit the high notes.

The game played during the assembly was really interesting. Students chosen from the audience had a few minutes to learn as much as they could about each other. Then they were quizzed on how well they knew their partners.

The dance where the teachers joined in was super funny. Some teachers were really into it. Putting the school mascot, Steve the ‘Stang, in the assembly was an excellent choice. Whoever he or she is, they were a great addition. It was an amazing assembly that kicked off an amazing year.

The theme this year is one of the best. It can relate to anybody because “Our Time is Now.” We can choose who we want to and will become. We need to put all our effort into this school year and make it a great year.