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Submitted by nick.sheffer on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 21:52
Jessica Mohler

Click here to watch the MJHS 2020 Talent Show!!

Thank you everyone for participating in our virtual talent show. It was really fun to see all your amazing talents! We have such an incredible student body! Here are the winners:


7th grade

1st- Luke Hollingshead

2nd- Daniel Keliiliki

3rd- Auralee Sanders


8th Grade

1st- Eva Wiseman

2nd- Lyn Johnson

3rd- Eva Dockter


9th Grade

1st- Ivan Moulton

2nd- Emily Oller

3rd- Tate Hickman


Musical Talents

1st- Patrick Johnson

2nd- Nicole and Alyssa Cragun

3rd- Dallin Barker

Honorable mention- Brigham Call


Creative Talents

1st- Johnny Fowler

2nd- Spencer Payne

3rd- Ethan Holden


Artistic Talents

1st- Lindsay Barrett and Lauren Bentil

2nd- Melody Ramirez

3rd- Shane Ramirez


And the one that made us laugh!

Lizzy Tew and Rebekah Jensen

Thank you again everyone!! It was really hard to decide the winners! If you are a winner go to the office next week during your check out time to grab your prize!!