Spirit of the Mustang - October 2016

Melissa Heaton

The Spirit of the Mustang award for the month of October is Mailani Ovard.


Mailani has exemplified our school’s motto this year of making a Mustang Difference by being a champion for students, being kind, and going the extra mile.


Mailani is dedicated to her students, and she empowers her students to succeed. She started the school year off giving her students a pep talk expressing her confidence in them and letting them know that they matter. Everyone matters to Mailani.


Mailani is kind. I often hear her asking students and faculty how they are doing. This isn’t just a phrase to Mailani; she really wants to know how people are doing, and if she can help you, she will. I appreciate her compassionate nature.


Mailani has gone the extra mile the past two months. She sorted all of the emails,  letters,  and notes that people sent for Alisha Adam’s memory book. And, she has been such a support by helping where she sees a need.


Congratulations, Mailani! You represent the Spirit of the Mustang.