Spirit of the Mustang Award - September 2016

Bonny Groneman

The person I have picked to represent The Spirit of the Mustang for the month of September is Melissa Heaton.  Our theme for this year is –Making a Mustang Difference. I believe Melissa makes a “Mustang” difference as a teacher, a mentor, a leader, and a friend.


Melissa is a master teacher who exemplifies so many wonderful qualities!  She is organized and prepared each day, is an expert with classroom management, knowledgeable, and loves what she teaches.  I love walking into her classroom where there is warmth, love, and a challenge. She loves her students and helps them reach their goals.


She has been a mentor for Mapleton Junior High where she has assisted many English interns  (and other teachers ) in developing skills to become teachers.

As a mentor she touched many lives.  Melissa communicates effectively and has a unique way of helping new teachers see in themselves the changes needed to improve and become great teachers.


She is a leader in the English department at our school, as well as serving on many committees in connection with BYU and other literacy groups.  Melissa not only attends many conferences to gain knowledge but has been the presenter to large groups too.  Shadow Mountain is a great example where she served as a counselor.  The young kids loved her and she was a wonderful asset for others involved.


Melissa makes a “Mustang” difference by being a great friend.  She is always there to talk to and collaborate with and definitely have fun with!  Lunch just isn’t the same without Melissa there.  As we have faced a difficult beginning to our school year—with the passing of our dear friend and teacher Alisha Adams –it was Melissa that lead the way in helping Alisha’s Mom and also helping us as a faculty feel closure and unity.


Congratulations Melissa!  You represent the true Spirit of a Mustang.