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Science Fair Winners

Submitted by on Fri, 12/20/2013 - 12:20
Nicole Hickman

**Top row, left to right: Phillip Richey, Trevor Jeppson, Samara Lessley, and Haley Green**

On December 11th, Mapleton Jr. High had their school science fair. We had many great projects this year. Thank you to all the participants. Below are the finalists that will represent our school at the district science fair in the spring.

First Place: Phillip Richey

Question: Does the temperature of a magnet affect the strength of the magnet? 

Second Place: Haley Green

               Question: Does water temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis in an aquatic plant?

Third Place: Trevor Jeppson

               Question: Can you use household materials to see radioactive decay?

Fourth Place: Samara Lessley

Question: Does double the thrust over time lift a rocket higher than double the thrust all at once?

Other qualifiers

Tanna Smallcomb

               Question: Can plants grow in other liquids than water?

Clay Wilson

               Question: Does caffeine cause cancer?

Kylie Beutler

Question: Does the color of a car combined with the temperature of the paint affect how fast a car will go?

Cambria Ball

               Question: What kind of cup can hold the most heat in for the longest amount of time?