July 2016

On-Line Registration Information 2016-2017


We are excited to announce that now you will be able to pay most school related fees on-line.  Registration Fees, yearbook purchases, lunch deposits plus many other expenses can be paid from your home computer.

After payment is received, your student's schedule will be released and you will be able to print it from home using Aspire and your student's ID number.  Access to schedules once fees are paid needs to be activated by school employees, so please expect a 24-hour processing time during the work week (M-F).  No activation can take place over the weekend.

Here’s how!

1. Using your computer at home login to www.MySchoolFees.com.

2. Select [REGISTER] and register with MySchoolFees as a User.  Select your student’s school and enter your Student’s ID (found at the top of this letter).

When you return to MySchoolFees.com you will use your email address and your password to reenter the site.

3. Select [REGISTRATION FEES] to pay specific class fees.  Your student’s fees will be listed.

4. Select [OTHER FEES] to pay fees like yearbooks, donations etc.

Yes it is as simple as 1,2,3,4!!

And, you will receive an immediate receipt by e-mail.

Long lines at registration are a thing of the past.  We know you will want to take advantage of this time saving service.   We do invite your comments and suggestions.



Nebo Bus Drivers Needed...


Nebo bus drivers and attendants wanted. The district provides needed training. Daily routes are open for the beginning of school. Starting pay for drivers is $15.23 and attendants $11.32. Please apply online at www.nebo.edu/jobs.