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June 2015

Student of the Week In the Daily Herald: Emily Susan Westercamp

Submitted by rashel.shepherd on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 14:53

Emily Susan Westercamp was chosen as this week's Student of the Week. She is a seventh grader at Mapleton Jr. High School.

Westercamp has been a member of Turning Point Dance for the past eight years and part of the group's Competition Team for the past two years. She loves to play the piano and has taken lessons for the past five years.

Westercamp also loves to sing and is a member of the Utah Valley Children's Choir. The choir goes on tour every summer -- last year the group visited Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and New York. This summer the choir will go to Canada.

Her other interests include drama and art.

This past year, she has been a member of the Hope Squad along with 10 others who were all voted in by their peers. The Hope Squad was formed because of the continuing problem of suicide in kids. The Hope Squad strives to uplift, encourage, educate and empower others students. They are there to be a listening ear and hopefully help other students who may be struggling with issues of depression or battling self-worth.

Westercamp has been working diligently on earning her Young Woman Recognition Award at her church. This is a program for girls between the ages of 12 and 18. To earn the award, girls must do 46 assigned experiences and eight 10-hour projects. The purpose is to help girls come closer to Christ and to develop important values such as faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity and virtue.

One of the projects Westercamp did last summer was to go around her neighborhood and find different jobs that she could do to help people. This included weeding and yard work, house-cleaning projects, babysitting and visiting elderly neighbors. To this day, she continues to visit one elderly widow on a regular basis. Westercamp is currently working on her last 10-hour project of reading the Book of Mormon.

This coming school year, she will be part of the school's yearbook staff. She is also excited about two of the classes she is taking: Service Learning and Peer Tutoring. In Service Learning she will complete service projects that will benefit the school and community. In Peer Tutoring, she will help tutor kids with special needs.

Westercamp hopes to attend BYU in the future. She is not sure of what she wants to do yet, but has talked about possibly teaching, going into music or owning a flower shop. She is also planning to serve an LDS mission.

Westercamp is a selfless person who thinks about the needs of others before herself. She is a deep thinker and has always been responsible and mature for her age. She is always the first to volunteer to help with anything. She has a positive disposition and strives to uplift those around her. She is a joy to all who know her.



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