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November 2013

MJHS Presents "Alice in Zombieland"

Submitted by on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 12:45
Jon Krutsch

Alice in Zombieland was performed at Mapleton Jr. High this past Halloween.  In it, Alice took her friend, Dinah, through Wonderland as they encounter one big problem, Zombies!  They interact with many different characters as they try to solve the zombie infestation.   The show was done in neon costumes under black lights. In the words of The Mad Hatter (Jon Krutsch), "This spoof was very fun to perform, rehearse, and watch.  The cast was a amazing, and the feel of being on stage during this performance was unique, it was well, honestly, really hard to explain. But all in all, it was AMAZING!"

Spirit of the Mustang - November

Submitted by on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 14:04
James Hubbard

Each month the faculty at Mapleton Junior High presents the Spirit of the Mustang award to a faculty member that embodies the school mission statement of "Students are the focus - Success is the goal".   These individuals go above and beyond.  

In November, the award was passed to David Jex, Health teacher and Athletic Director at MJHS, with the following remarks:

Dave is a great coach who teaches his players correct principles.  When Dave tells of his team's games and matches during morning announcements, he FIRST talks about the most important things - that his players displayed great sportsmanship and dignity, that they liked helping others on the other teams, that they were making friends with and encouraging the other players.  He always does this well before he ever starts to mention the winners and the standings.  And, the students at Mapleton Junior are listening to and learning from Dave those things that are really important in competition and in life.

Dave is an amazing example at Parent Teacher Conferences.  EVERY student and parent wants to visit with him because they come away from his table pumped up and knowing their true worth.  Several times Dave can be seen leaning over the table in close consultation with a parent who started out the conference looking troubled.  They always walk away looking reassured and hopeful about the future and progress of their students.

Dave is like a good shepherd watching over his flock.  During fire drills, he makes sure that every one of his students is accounted for.  He takes it seriously.  That is why he is an awesome teacher - he looks after every single one of his students and makes sure they are successful.  They know that he cares about the progress of each and every one of them.

Dave is a positive force on the faculty at Mapleton Junior High.  He recognizes the value of the amazing students at this school and is ever ready to remind others of this.  He is a great example of the Spirit of the Mustang.  Congratulations Dave!


Wow!! That's a lot of Reading!

Submitted by on Fri, 11/08/2013 - 11:55

Miss Heaton's 8th Grade English students participated in a class reading challenge for the month of October. The winners are: Alyssa Holbrook 1st Period (3,000 pages), Aubree Jameson 3rd Period (3, 017 pages), Dee Dee Draper 4th Period (5, 498 pages), Alanna Hess 5th Period (9,799), Melssa Beutler 6th Period (4, 658 pages), Josh Aagard 7th Period (12, 411 pages), Zac Anderson Overall Winner (15, 232 pages).  (Alyssa Holbrook and Aubree Jameson were unavailable for the picture).

MJHS Foods Class Makes Pretzels

Submitted by on Wed, 11/06/2013 - 12:05
Linda Woodfield

This past week, Mrs. Woodfield's Foods Classes learned how to make Soft Pretzels.  We were fortunate to have Miss Heaton, one of our great English Teachers, help out with the demonstration of how pretzels are prepared, twisted and baked.  Miss Heaton worked in a Pretzel store at the mall for a couple of years.  We made a video of her presentation so all the classes could learn these techniques.  The students did an amazing job of preparing the pretzels!  To try these at home, or to view all the recipes used in the Foods Classes, go to the Teacher Websites, and find Mrs. Woodfield!

DISTRICT CHAMPS - MJHS Girls Tennis 2013/2014

Submitted by on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 13:57
David Jex

What an incredible season!  15 girls were taken up from the different high schools, so we had lots of opportunity for girls who would never get a chance, and did they ever prove they can hold their own.  What an incredible season for all levels of play.  I have never seen a group of athletes work so hard to improve their abilities.  During the season, Kaylee Whiting lost her father to cancer.  This really challenged the girls mentally.  They started pulling together and functioning as a unit.  Team play won them another District Title.  I am so proud of how hard they worked, their sportsmanship, tender comments and help to other teams, and just all out fun!  I loved watching them play.  Amazing!

Tennis Team Members:  Linnea Brady, Marin Crockett, Addie Edwards, Brookelynn Galbraith, Mazie Peterson,  Brittany Reese, Amy Shurian, Addie Simpson, Emma Taylor, Emma Templeman, Lindsay Tuft, Lauren Whiting, Kaylee Whiting, Heather Woolf, Kelsey Corfield, Megan Warren, Amanda Brimhall, Lea Christensen, Morgan Cottam, Heidi Curtis, Jesse Dean, Julia Dean, Abbey Deyo, Hailee Fairbanks, Rachel Flake, Kelsey Garfield,  Haley Green, Clair Hall, Mya Henrie, Courtney Holt, Makell Hyatt, Annalyse Jameson, Makenzi Jensen, Madison Jensen, Sophie McCausland, Andrea Ockey, Eliza Ouzounian, Presli Perrero, Asha Peterson, Audrey Ridge, Samantha Smith, Kylie Swenson, Hannah Tibbals, Jayleen Vargas, Cate Wayment, Amy Williamson, Marissa Betts, Tahlia White, Ari Bray


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