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May 2013

Griffan Slavens to represent Mapleton Jr. for the “Great Kids Award” presented by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Griffan was nominated for the “Great Kids Award” by several of his teachers; here is was they had to say about him:

Griffan is one of the most gracious, sincere, and thoughtful students. Besides being well-mannered every day, he always does his work to the best of his ability. I have never seen him slack off. He is also well-liked by by his peers because he is a kind friend. I can always count on Griffan to set the example or raise the bar for the class.

I know Griffan Slavens very well I have seen him at church, home, and school, scout camp, ballfields, and service projects. He is a great young man in any setting you may see him in.

Griffan is a wonderful young man. He is considerate of others and always has a smile on his face. I love having him in my class because I can count on him to do what I ask and demonstrate to the other students how things should be done. I wish I had many more Griffans in my class. I highly recommend him for the Great Kids Award.
We are so proud of Griffan and the fine students that he is.

Tiffany Asay to represent Mapleton Jr. for the “Great Kids Award” presented by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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Tiffany was nominated for the “Great Kids Award” by several of her teachers; here is was they had to say about her:

Tiffany is a great girl who is always positive and enthusiastic about life. She was always prepared in my CTE Intro class and shared comments in class. I especially appreciated her help during the sewing unit.
She would just jump right in and help without me even asking. I know she helped one student before even completing her own apron. Tiffany is also a member of my FCCLA Club. She helped out a lot with our service project of sewing Operation Comfort dolls which we just sent off to Indiana. These will be given to women who have suffered domestic violence in their lives. Tiffany is developing great leadership skills and is kind to everyone. She is a great Mapleton Mustang!

Tiffany Asay is the student teachers would fight over. Not only is she
extremely talented, creative, and thoughtful, she is incredibly
humble. Whenever I see a student struggling, lacking confidence,
lonely, or off-task, I try to think of a way to have them work with
Tiffany. She is so accepting and loving. What a great kid!

Tiffany Asay is a great student in my art class. She does quality work that is always on time as well. One specific thing that I love about Tiffany is that she will not leave after class until she has caught my eye and said "thank you for today, Ms. Walker!" She is such a wonderful person and student!

Tiffany sets herself apart from others in just her radiance of goodness. She is a delight to talk to and always has something positive to say.
We are so proud of Tiffany and the great student that she is.

Got talent? Mapleton Jr. does

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On Friday May 3rd the students of MJHS showed off their talents and it was quite a show. We are so proud of all of our talented students. A huge thanks goes out to our faculty advisors who over saw the show Mrs. Adams, Mr. Chappell and Ms. Tippetts Thanks to all the students who tried out and those who put on the show.

1. Sam Moore—Bagpipes
2. Trevin Powell & Jared Snelson—Synergy (Cello and Drums)
3. Faith Taylor—Dance
4. Alec Dookhran—Singing/Guitar
5. Malie Nui—Hula
6. Rian and Talon Prows—Skit
7. Hayden LeBaron—Piano
8. Adam Davies, Ben Porter, Sam Hart, Darien Hess, Will Swanson—Singing (Quintet)
9. Dylan Erickson, Taylor Stone, Zachary Peterson—Dancing
10. Emerald Coffey—Singing
11. Beau Barker & Eric Rollins—Rock Band
12. Quin Hooper, Kyle Wilson, Ryan Beck, Ally Vaught, Baylee Lund, Piney Peay, Ashley Anderson, Emma Wirthlin, Elise Flake, Claire Bastian, Keana Bryan—Specialty Dance


1. Sam Hart
2. Sabrina Harris
3. Kyia Hernandez
4. Abbey Taylor
5. Kylie Beutler
6. Audrey Ridge

2013 MJHS TALENT SHOW Masters of Ceremony
1. Blake Edmunds
2. Jake Blonquist
3. Lauren Halverson
4. Amanda Lopez

Talent Show Assistant: Taylor Baker
Tech Assistant: Cassidy Jensen

Mapleton Jr. announces Students of the Month for April

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Sudents of the Month for April

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the April 2013 Students of the Month. Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month. In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship. The MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment. The students of the month for April are (listed by academic area):
CTE- Bay Knotts, Caleb Collette, Kirby Farnworth
English- Dylan Carter, Taylor Baker
Fine Arts- Emme Gunther, Samantha Hansen, Mariah Madsen
Health- Camilla Pendleton, Corbin Thompson
Life Skills- Cristian Solorzano, Andrew Hanks, Sarah Radford
Math- Jaiden Booth, Brittany Reese, Jared Adams, Elise Goodrich
Science- Cinthia Diaz, Ryleigh Jensen
Social Studies- Jane Croghan, McKay Kriser, Emma Harlen
School Service- Hailey Cox, Heather Asay
Congratulations to the Students of the Month for April

Maple Mountain High to offer physicals for athletes

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A yearly physical is required to play sports at MMHS.


MAY 15, 4:00

Jo Edan Parker wins Huntsman award

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Candy Higley (Daily Herald)
jo Eden parker.jpg

Jo Edan Parker is a special education teacher of severe behavioral students at Mapleton Junior High. She has worked for Nebo School District for nine years and in California for 17 years. She works with students from across Nebo School District who have severe intellectual and behavioral challenges. But it isn't just her teaching that sets her apart. Parker's colleagues and student parents say she goes above and beyond for her students.
"Jo Edan is more than just a teacher," said Janeal LeBaron, a parent of a former student. "I have known her for 20 years and she is an excellent teacher and friend. She is creative with the ways she teaches the kids. She knows that these kids don't just learn from books. She takes her knowledge of them and teaches them the way they learn. She is a good lady."
Along with the basics of school, reading, math and writing, Parker also teaches her students life skills. She plans field trips to expose the students to life outside a classroom. Some of the field trips have included traveling to the mall, restaurants, bowling or fishing.
"Jo Edan is an example of a dedicated teacher," said Linda Lewis, Mapleton Junior High PE and drama teacher. "She has the ability to create meaningful experiences for each one of her students."
Parker also helped organize the annual Nebo Special Ed Extravaganza. Special education students in junior high in Nebo School District attend the event. Peer tutors from various schools help the students participate in track and field events.
"Jo Edan teaches the students with the toughest behavioral issues in the district," said Regina Stoddard, whose son has been Parker's student for three years. "I was very nervous to bring Benjamin here because I know that he is violent, but Jo Edan told me that she knew she would get pinched, kicked, hit and bit and that it would be OK. I trusted her when she told me this. She is a miracle worker. There are students who leave her classroom and never have behavioral issues again. She isn't fazed by the violence of some of the students. We are very lucky to have her as a teacher."
Parker's close friends, bowling team members, colleagues and other district employees gathered to congratulate Parker during the presentation.
"Wow," Parker said. "Receiving this award is overwhelming and so exciting. I love my students. They are the most precious kids, even though they are the most difficult. I get to work with some amazing parents as well."
"I have the opportunity to go through out the state and give these awards to so many amazing educators," Karen Huntsman said. "I have a 37-year-old son who is on a 3-year-old level and while raising him, I have learned so much. Jo Edan is a unique person. She is a person that I wish we could Xerox and make many copies of and put through out the state. She makes a difference in so many lives. I appreciate all you do."

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