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December 2011

Why Mustangs Love Christmas

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 12/19/2011 - 09:16
By Jennifer Baker, MJHS student writer
left to right: MJHS Students Marinn Graves and Alexis Robinson

Twas the week before Christmas Break, and all through the school, everyone was thinking, “some time off would be cool!” It was that time of year again at Mapleton Junior High when everyone was looking forward to the Christmas Break. With Christmas right around the corner, the students began dreaming of that wonderful time off with no homework and extra sleep. After all, there would be presents to open, movies to watch (Elf in particular), and Michael Buble’s enchanting Christmas CD to listen to. Christmas was only a week away, and it seemed that students and teachers alike were catching the holiday jitters.

When asked what her favorite part about Christmas was, ninth grader Addie Harmon replied, “I love the good feeling you get when giving. There is just a happy atmosphere this time of year.”

Harmon wasn’t the only one ready for the holidays. Witney Ercanbrack said her favorite parts of the Christmas season are the trees and people’s joyful facial expressions. Extra sleep and food were Chris Swensen’s events to look forward to. All three students agreed that the break from school was a definite plus.

Teachers are looking forward to the holiday as well. “I like to watch my kids be excited as they open presents,” said Mrs. Rowley, a U.S. History teacher and Student Government advisor.

            Whether they love the trees, lights, music, or decorations, MJHS Mustangs are ready for Christmas. They hope everyone will be able to have a wonderful holiday season.

MJHS Christmas Choir Concert

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 17:34
By Joseph Whiting - MJHS student writer
Christmas Concert Chior Photo

Mapleton Junior High Choirs Performed at Maple Mountain High School Wednesday the 7th of December, Previous to this we took the liberty to interview Ms. Thomson the choir teacher at MJHS. In the interview we asked how the choirs have been preparing for their upcoming concert. She said that during her daily rehearsals (class time) they have been focusing on Coral Habits, Memorization and Expression.  She also believes that in order to have a good performance, everyone in the choir must feel a connection to the song they are singing. We also interviewed Summer Herlevi and Lexi Robinson. We first asked them how they felt about their upcoming Christmas concert. Summer responded, “I’m really excited, I know we’ll do well. It's like our choir motto 'Music can change the world because it can change people (Bono ~ U2).  "We can express our talents and help people find the underlying meaning of the song”, Lexi added.  Before we left, Ms. Thomson told us “one of my aims in doing well-known and well-loved Christmas Songs, is to hopefully help the audience, and the choirs to see the songs in a new light or discover something new about the song.  I love having my choirs connect with their songs.” The next day the performance was so well attended that many had to stand during the performance due to lack of seating.  All the choirs (Seventh Grade Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Bella Voce and Concert Choir) did a great job.  Some of the highlights were, Bella Voce singing "In the Mood for Christmas", Concert Choir singing “The First Noel” and “Carol of the Bells” with past members of MJHS Concert Choir, and the closing piece of “Silent Night” sung by all the choirs with the MJHS Orchestra in accompaniment.  It was a very powerful performance. With responses from the following anonymous audience members: "Great, I've always enjoyed this concert it's my third time attending", "When Bella Voce Sang In the Mood I got in the mood for more amazing music", "Very impressive how many people came to support junior high students, but then these aren't very ordinary students!".   All in all this was another amazing performance for MJHS choir to add to their trophy case.

It’s just a game… but it’s fun

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 17:32
By Molli McConnell, MJHS student writer
Number 5 is Elliott Call , Number 22 is Brigham Brau , across from Brigham is Jordan Williams Number 33, and across from Elliott Call is Chandler Cloward Number11
Coach Zac Beddos coaches from the sidelines

Last Wednesday, December 7th, MJHS boys’ basketball team played Orem Jr. High School in an exciting and challenging game.  Mapleton Jr. High’s coach Zac Beddoes chose a great starting line-up.  The MJHS starting line-up was Jordan Jones, Parker Johnson, Abe Durrant, Mark Sumsion, and Brigham Brau.  Everyone was excited to see if we could beat Orem Jr. High, one of the best teams we’ll play this year.  At the end of the first period the score was Mapleton five Orem thirteen.  At half time the score was Mapleton eleven and Orem twenty-seven.  During the third period Parker grabbed a rebound and got smacked in the face and his nose was bleeding.  Everyone watching was worried and hoped for the best.  Finally Parker was able to get up and return to the bench and was even able to play later in the game.  At the end of the third period the score was Mapleton twenty-two and Orem thirty-six.  The Mapleton players played as hard as they could and when the final buzzer went off the final score was Mapleton Jr. High thirty -two and Orem forty - four. Even though they didn’t win they put up a good fight and the whole team really worked together quite well.  So if you hear about a MJHS basketball game you should go.  It is tons of fun for everyone!

The Drama Experience at MJHS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/09/2011 - 17:27
By Rhees Nielson - MJHS student writer
Ms. Linda Lewis in the Drama Room

Here at MJHS we have many great classes one of them is the Drama class of Ms. Linda Lewis. Some people say that drama means expressing your feelings in a fun way; others say it’s just entertainment. Students here at MJHS say that when they come into Ms. Lewis’ room they feel happy and energetic because they are in such a great class.

In Drama there are different things you can learn about depending what grade you are in. 7th graders learn about different speeches and the beginning of Drama as an art, 8th graders learn more advanced Drama techniques, and lastly 9th graders get to do and learn the more complicated parts of Drama.

A couple of words that Ms. Lewis has used to describe her classes are “vibrant, interesting, unique, and loveable”. She loves coming to work every day, she’s a fantastic bowler, supreme director, and has a love for all her students. Students say that Ms. Lewis is “the coolest”, “excellent”, and “she has changed my life for the better”.

As the director for MJHS Drama, Ms. Lewis has done many plays including Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night and many others of Shakespeare’s plays.  This spring the students of Mapleton Jr. High will be doing Tom Sawyer the musical under her direction once again.

Through her years here at MJHS Ms. Lewis has grown to love the school, being a teacher, and her students. We all hope that she will stay for many years so that she can leave an impact in even more student’s hearts.

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