Mustang Musings: Choir Field Trip

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Our choir kids recently went to Spring Garden Assisted Living Center to sing and make people happy! In October, the boys from Cambiando Voce went, and in November, it was the girls from Bella Voce. They sang so well, and the people at Spring Garden loved it! We've got some cool pics for you to check out

Mustang Musings: Red Ribbon Week

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Get ready, MJHS, for a week like no other – a celebration of saying "NO" to drugs! Monday kicked off with a sea of red, shouting loud and proud, "We say NO to drugs!"

Tuesday brought a nugget of wisdom: "Don't get played by drugs!" The arenas of 9 Square and Twister transformed into epic battlegrounds against drugs.

Midweek madness hit on Wednesday with "Twinning is Winning." The halls became a twin-filled wonderland, proving that saying "no" to drugs looks twice as cool.

Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Aly Sims

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Introducing Ms. Sims, hailing from Thousand Oaks, California, with a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher since the age of 12. Her passion for English, reading, and writing, coupled with her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, found the perfect home in the teaching profession.

Faculty Spotlight: Alex Garcia

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Teacher Spotlight: Alex "Gar Gar" Garcia

Meet the lively Mr. Garcia, affectionately known as "Gar Gar" or "Gargoyle" by his students. While he's a history teacher, his favorite school subject is PE. Hailing from his hometown of Payson, Mr. Garcia is on a mission to create a positive and relatable learning experience for his students.

Faculty Spotlight

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Faculty Spotlight: Bonny Groneman

Meet Ms. Groneman - Inspiring Through Sewing

Hometown: Springville, Utah

Teaching Inspiration: Ms. Groneman found her calling in teaching from her wonderful sewing teacher at Springville High School.

Passion for Teaching: She loves teaching and shares her enthusiasm for the subject.