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            It was Spirit Week this week at Mapleton Junior High. Spirit Week is one of the very best traditions we have at MJHS. Everyday has a different theme. Monday was Spirit Day. Spirit day allowed the students to show their school spirit. They did this by wearing our school’s colors and showing their Mustang pride. Tuesday was Tie Day. On tie day students were able to wear their favorite tie. There were crazy ties, funny ties, and elegant ties. Wednesday was Wacky Hair Day. Students came with the wackiest hair they could think of. Walking down the halls at MJHS, you could see crazy wigs, hair that looked like a unicorn, curlers, and more! Haley Andrew made a bird cage for her hair- complete with chirping bird! Thursday was Nerd Day, one of the best days. It was a great sight to see. There were many suspenders, mismatched clothes, glasses with tape, and smeared make-up. On Friday, we wrapped up Spirit Week with Pajama Day. It was a day not only for the students, but for the teachers as well. Friday allowed the students and teachers to wear their pajamas to school. It had the most participation by far! Faculty and students love to come to school in comfort. Spirit Week at MJHS has shown our city and parents that MJHS is full of devoted students. Our students make our school awesome and we are proud to be MUSTANGS!

By: Andrew Sau