Spirit of the Mustang - February 2017

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Brooke Johnston is an exceptional, seasoned teacher. She is well-organized, well-planned and has great classroom management. Having been a substitute in her classroom many times last year, I can tell you of the respect her students have for her.  I can also tell you, first hand, how structured her classroom is.  There are routines in place that allow for smooth transitions, student-tracked good behavior, and a safe learning environment. Her students know what is expected of them behaviorally and academically.


Whether in the classroom or not, Brooke shows great professionalism. Her students know she cares about them and their success in her class. She is never degrading, in public or private, of even the most challenging students. She also communicates with parents and students regularly and effectively and has great follow-through.


Brooke has a passion for teaching English.  Her students feel this passion as she teaches. Even the self-proclaimed English-hater can learn, feel successful, and even “like” her class.  Students feel her enthusiasm, know she is flexible, fair and fun, and want to perform well for her.  


Brooke is very deserving of “The Spirit of the Mustang” award. She is respected by both her students and her peers. She excels at what she does and she builds and lifts all in her path.  Mapleton Junior High is a better school because she teaches here.


Susan Holman