Service Learning Continues at Mapleton Jr.

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At Mapleton Junior High School service learning is very important.  As you may have read before MJHS hosts a Service Learning class in order to provide additional opportunities for our students to serve the community.  The MJHS Service Learning class has recently participated in two awesome activities and is preparing for a third.

In remembrance of the tenth year anniversary of 9/11, our Service Learning class prepared a poster honoring all those people who did a good deed in remembrance of that tragic day.  We especially wanted to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice - giving their life to save others.  Service Learning also invited everyone in the school to do a good deed over that weekend and to write about their service on slips of paper that we then posted all over our library windows.  We wanted all to be able to read about the service given by our students.  We were happy to see that a total of 781 people accepted our invitation to give service.  We also asked members of the community to display flags on their lawn in remembrance of 9/11.

MJHS hosted a Nebo School District Special Education Sports Fair, an event that MJHS has been hosting for four years now.  All six Junior High Schools in the Nebo School District participated.  Activities included archery, face painting, ball toss, golf putting, and a dance followed by lunch.  In some activities, participants won medals which were handed out at an awards ceremony.  The student Government and Service Learning classes helped the event by making posters and running many of the different activities.  Additionally our students were able to interact with the participants and build bridges of understanding.

The Service Learning class is also preparing for Red Ribbon Week, a time when students learn the importance of being drug fee.  Service Learning is working very hard to make it a great week. We are planning activities for each day and also putting together fun prizes for people to win in a drawing. Our Red Ribbon week will be held October 10-14, 2011. 

By: Courtney Mackay