Rebecca Clement is this year’s Crystal Apple award winner for MJHS

Submitted by jeffrey.nelson on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 08:45

Becky is one of the most dedicated teachers and colleagues. Without doubt, her service here at MJHS has influenced the staff, faculty, parents, and student body for the better. She is a true leader by the way she serves. Countless times, you can find Becky offering additional support to students and teachers to ensure that all succeed. She is constantly examining how students learn and helping those around her.

Not only does she work with some of our most difficult students, but she knows each of them. Her rapport with students is strong and trusting. Name a single student Becky has taught and she will tell you their interests and passions, their strengths and motivations, and who their friends and family are. She is ever-patient and loving. She is approachable and professional.

Thank you, for being such a fine teacher and friend.