Mr. Nalette Receives Spirit of the Mustang award for the month of April

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Michael Nalette is this month’s Spirit of the Mustang award winner presented at faculty meeting. The award goes to a faculty member each month that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Along with his teaching duties, Mike is the head golf coach and helps with the track team. Mr. Nalette has a great rapport with students and staff members, he is always willing to help wherever needed. In the classroom he is always seeking to improve students learning, outcomes and always tries to make learning fun. Mr. Nalette is dedicated to his job and enjoys being part of the MJHS family.

Student Remarks about Mr. Nalette

“History is a boring subject but he makes it fun to learn about.”

He is fun to talk to and cares about us as students –not just always in teacher mode.

He teaches the subject very effectively. I am able to learn the subject.

He changes how he teaches so it isn’t the same way every day. It is always fun!

He is really nice, he is cool.

We know the rules without having to be told. He has good control and structure in his class.

He helps you succeed. He doesn’t accept low grades; he helps everyone do their best.

I don’t feel really stressed out in his class I am just able to stay up an get my work done.

There is always something to do I’m not board sitting there.

Gets along well with students, does not pick favorites, talks to everyone.