Math Team had a busy February!

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MathTeam had a busy February!

The MJHS MathTeam had students competing in 3 different online contests during the month of February.  First, the MJHS varsity MathTeam competed in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10.  The team was led by 9th grader Tyler J with a score of 88.5, which was just shy of qualifying for the prestigious AIME contest.  Morgan B, 9th grader, placed 2nd on the team with 72 points and 7th grader Sam E ranked 3rd with a score of 67.5.  Kudos to other team members 9th grader Joshua Jackson; 8th graders Daniel C, Trent W, Parker J, Yuki I, and Spencer S; and 7th grader Sadie B.  Amazingly, our team median score was 61.5.  Great Job.

On February 6th the top ten 7th and 8th grade students competed in the MathCounts Chapter contest.  The team was led by 8th grader Daniel C with a score of 33 (out of 46) and 7th grader Sam En.  Both Daniel and Sam qualified for the Chapter invitational, ranking 6th and 10th respectively in the Chapter.  Other participants, and their ranking in the entire chapter, include Parker J (14th), Trent W (19th), Sadie B (22nd), Yuki I (26th), Spencer S (34th),  David H (49th), Grace C (55th), and Gavin F (58th).

On February 25th, Daniel C and Sam E were invited to compete against the top 17 junior high students from South Salt Lake and all of Utah County in the MathCounts Chapter Invitation.  Sam scored an amazing 29 (out of 46) which was good for 3rd place and qualified for the State contest to be held on March 25th.  Daniel finished with a score of 22, and ranked 12th.

Congratulations to all of our Mathletes.