Mapleton Jr. High Food Drive

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November 7th through November 18th the Service Learning class at Mapleton Junior High School put on a food drive to help the hungry.  According to the USDA website, 14.5% of households in the United States were food insecure at one point through the year 2010.  That is almost 2 people in every ten who went hungry at some point during the year.  In order to fill this need, students were asked to bring food or hygiene donations to school.  The food was collected by each first period class and the whole school participated in a friendly competition to see which of the three halls could collect the most food.  Even though it was somewhat of a competition every one donated generously for the good of the community.  All of the food that was collected went to the Provo Food Care Coalition.  This organization is well known for helping individuals and families in need and helping in a positive way that encourages self-reliance.  The goal was to get as much food and as many hygiene products as possible and although the final tally wasn’t known at the time this article was submitted, we were able to get a lot of donations this year.  Way to go Mapleton Junior High school students and community!

Connor Crandall, Jackson Calder, Joey Rodriguez, Cameron Killian