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Mandatory Information for Participation In ANY School Sport This Year

Please be aware that Nebo School District requires that athletes who are trying out for any team sport have a current physical exam on file BEFORE trying out for the team. Exams are valid for one year. Parents will need to go to to register their student and then upload the physical exam information as well as electronically sign other participation disclosures and information. No student will be allowed to try out for a sport without first completing the athletic registration at the Register My Athlete website. 

How To Register Your Athlete For Sports at Mapleton Jr. High

For 1st Time Registrations:

  • Go to

  • Click “Login” in top right corner

  • Select “Create an Account”

  • Fill out the necessary demographic information - this is the PARENTS INFORMATION, not the athlete yet!

  • Confirm you’ve read and agreed to the terms

  • Click on “Add a New Athlete” at the top of the page

  • Fill out your athlete’s information

  • Fill out Other Guardian information, if desired, and Emergency Contact Information

  • Provide Doctor’s Name and Phone Number

  • Provide your Insurance information or Opt to not provide it.

  • E-sign your insurance waiver, IF you opt out.  

  • *E-signatures must be EXACTLY the way you entered your name-middle initials, periods, etc…

  • Click “Register for a Sport” in top left corner

  • Select your student athlete’s sport(s)

  • Answer all the necessary questions concerning eligibility, rules and sportsmanship

  • E-sign at the bottom of the page

  • Click on each Document, read and click “I Agree” to confirm you have read and understand what each says

  • E-sign at the bottom of the page

Now you just need to upload your athlete’s physical exam form in order to try out for a sport. The physical exam is good for a full year once it is uploaded. If your student makes the athletic team they have tried out for you will need to pay the participation fee. Participation Fees can be submitted to the Finance Office or paid online through