October 2022

Students learn about Indigenous Americans

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On Friday, the Nebo School District Title VI Office of Indian Education came to speak to Mrs. Rowley's, Mr. Cosgrove's, and Mr. Garcia's US History classes. Analysa Allison and Natalie Billie shared how Indigenous Americans dressed historically and contemporarily, and they told us about Powwows. Shoshana Begay taught us about Navajo storytelling, the Honeeshgish (or fire poker), and how to do an Indigenous American round dance.

PBS Utah Storyteller 30th Annual Reading Marathon

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Want to Host Your Own Mini Reading Marathon?

PBS Utah is excited to offer support to small communities outside of Salt Lake County!

We want to help you promote the love of reading in your community. 

Libraries, schools, and non-profit organizations are encouraged to apply for support to host their own Mini Reading Marathon. Support ranges from $100-500.