Online Registration

Registration is the process of providing or verifying your student's information, and signing any documents required by the district or by legislation; this can be done online to save time. Additional documentation is also required for first-time students or if any of these additional documents have changed for a returning student; these additional documents must be delivered in person. (see step 4)

Your student will only be Enrolled into classes after the school verifies the completion of the Registration process, and that all required documentation has been provided. 

Online Registration (Beginning July 17th)

To register your student(s) for the 2017-18 school year, complete each step below. After completing registration and paying the required fees your student’s class schedule will be viewable through the Aspire/SIS system beginning July 31st. If you register after July 28th, please allow 1 to 3 days processing time to view class schedules.


*Lockers will be viewable at a later date, but no later than August 17th. Please check back on your student's profile in Aspire. 

**Counselors will be in the school beginning Wednesday, Aug 2nd, if you need help with course recomendations or class change requests. 

Steps to Register Online:

  1. For returning and new students fill out Registration via the Aspire Student Information System
  2. Pay Fees 
    (Payment is made via MySchoolFees - Note a $2.00 transaction fee applies)
  3. School Meals
  4. Deliver necessary documentation to the School 
    (Required for 1st time Nebo students, or if one of these has changed)