Newsies: Behind the Scenes

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For the last couple of months, actors and tech crew have been working hard to learn all their roles and create a fun, smooth show for everyone to enjoy. Opening night was on Thursday, March 2nd. Everyone did a fantastic job and only had a couple of glitches. While the tech crew worked hard to get the glitches worked out, the actors kept on going and acted as if nothing happened. The actors even had a little boy from the audience dancing along with them! Every actor and tech crew member have celebrated a job well done right next to each other, and new friendships have been created as well as old friendships have been strengthened. Our last show is Monday, March 6th! Come enjoy the show!

Point of View of an Actress:

I wait desperately for the clock to tell me it’s time. When it is time, I run to my room and throw on my costume. Black pants, white shirt, school made vests and my Newsie cap. Then, I throw on my makeup, and some brown eyeshadow for dirt. Then you get to the school, and help everyone else. You know some of the students, and you don’t know some of them, but you’re both happy to be there. Green room breezes by and next thing we know, it’s intermission! Everyone is tired but energized as the love of the next act takes over our tired bodies. We dance and sing as if we are the characters on our stage. By the end, we’re exhausted and fulfilled by the loud applause. As the curtains close we scream and hug, celebrating our talent!

Point of View of a Tech/Stage Crew Member:

I watch the clock slowly tick by as I rush to get my walkie-talkie and earpiece in, mic people up, check lights, and anything else I can think of. I rush around trying to find Crutchie for a mic check. Wait! Something’s coming through on the walkie-talkie. It’s time for Tech crew ritual and then green room. I rush backstage just in time for the ritual and then into the green room. As I walk in the joy, excitement and unity is palpable. I can feel it all and am so happy that I am a part of it. I watch as the actors warm up their voices and then I join in with their ritual. I hear a quiet “Places!” and rush to the curtain. As I rush back and forth during scenes, getting mic tape, props, or just watching, I can’t believe that I get to be a part of this wonderful environment. Too soon it’s intermission and the show will be over. The music starts playing and it’s right back into the show! During the final song I start to clean up and join in on the singing. I go out for bows feeling the pleasure in working with every member of the tech crew to make the actors look good. I rush backstage as the actors wave and join in the cheers once the curtains are closed. As everyone files out of the curtain to go talk to people, I start to feel sad. Sad that soon our last show will end this environment. Sad that I’ll never see some of these kids again. Sad that I might never get to feel this way again, but then I realize something! It may be coming to an end but I feel happy knowing that I got a chance to be with all of these kids, being friends with them and being welcomed by them, and I know that no matter what I’ll always have a union with them.

Written by Jade Myers and Summer Heringer, 9th graders and Writers Club members