Faculty Spotlight: Ms. Hunsaker

Submitted by nathan.mohler on Tue, 04/12/2022 - 08:49

Ms. Hunsaker graduated from Lehi High School. She then earned her Bachelor degree in Theater, English Literature at SUU. She has also earned a Master’s degree in directing theater from U of U. She now teaches 8th grade English and also teaches cake decorating. Her favorite treat is salt and vinegar chips. We asked her if she could travel back in time where she would go, she said she would go back to when queen elizabeth was still queen and she said Shakespeare would be her bestie. If she had one wish it would be for peace in every nation across the world.  Her celebrity crush is Peter Dinklage. Her favorite tv show is everything on HGTV. We asked her favorite sport to play and she said “what's a sport?” We love having her here at our school.