Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Shumway

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Ms. Shumway graduated from The one and only Spanish Fork High School and then earned her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from BYU. She now teaches dance, girls body conditioning, 9th grade PE, and is the manly mustang coordinator. Her favorite treat is a Twix. Her shoe size depends on the brand Nike Air 270 is 7.5, APL Brand is 8, Adidas 7, and Birkenstocks are 38. Her favorite brands are LuLu Lemon or Zara. Her favorite celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth- Thor! She said “I mean have you seen those abdominals?!” Her favorite vacation was North Shore Oahu, Hawaii- dreamiest place ever. Her best fashion choice she ever made was jeans with a mini skirt over top, referenced to Avril Lavigne, 2003, hair fashion choice extensions- can’t live without them. We love having her here at our school!