Faculty Spotlight: Carissa Weintz

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Teacher Spotlight: Carissa Weintz


Teacher Spotlight: Carissa Weintz

Meet the dedicated Ms. Weintz, hailing from Crestline, California, and on a mission to make a real difference in the lives of her students.

While Biology held a special place in her heart during her student days, she now passionately teaches Health. Her teaching philosophy centers on genuine care for her students and building strong connections based on shared interests.

Ms. Weintz boasts an impressive academic background, adapting her teaching style from lenient to more disciplined, ensuring a well-structured classroom.

She treasures the growth she witnesses in her students and doesn't play favorites, though she does appreciate those who make her life a bit easier.

In her free time, she enjoys activities like volleyball, rock climbing, and quality family time. "Lord of the Rings" is her movie of choice, and at 22, she's already inspiring many.

German Pancakes are her culinary passion, and she's been spotted at Chik-fil-A, one of her preferred dining spots. Her favorite color, green, reflects her nurturing spirit.

Ms. Weintz is a dedicated teacher who fosters connections, making learning engaging and inspiring her students to be their best. Thank you, Ms. Weintz, for your commitment to education!