February Spirit of the Mustang Recipient - Mitzi Rawson

Kelly Cook

Mitzi is someone who genuinely cares for staff members, students, and parents alike. No matter the circumstances and no matter the need, she serves everyone with a smile and makes the school a warm, friendly place to be. Staff members in the office say the following about Mitzi:

“Mitzi...always smiles, no matter how her day is going. She takes the time to teach students...she is a true joy to work every day with!”

“She always has a smile and is pleasant with people even and especially when they don't deserve it. She makes a real effort to get to know all the students and their parents. She does all of this with a friendly cheery smile.”

“Mitzi has such compassion for those students who come in the office sick or injured, and there are at least several every day. She is always kind to them, and takes care of their needs as quickly as possible.  They know she cares about them.”

“Mitzi has a smile, a warm welcome, tease or a joke for everyone who comes into the office. She's great!”

We love Mitzi and are so grateful for all she does at MJHS!