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MJHS Enjoys Reading the Hunger Games

By: Molli McConnell - student writer
Hunger Games

Reading is encouraged and loved by students attending Mapleton Jr. High School.  Many of those students have been reading one series and one only, the Hunger Games series of course.  Students are reading it in anticipation of the Hunger Games movie, which is coming out on March 23, 2012.  Everyone that is reading the book has become a huge fan. The first book is called the Hunger Games, the second, Catching Fire, and the third book is How to Kill a Mocking Jay.  They are all good, but the first one is especially popular. The students at Mapleton Junior High School have really enjoyed reading the series this year and are interested to see how the movie will be.  MJHS student Jen Baker said, “The book will always be better than the movie because you picture the characters differently in your mind, plus they sometimes just “forget” to put things in the movie or even add things that aren’t in the book”.  But don’t worry, the Hunger Games movie is expected to be awesome. For now MJHS students will keep reading the book and looking forward to March 23.  After that, if the movie is good, hopefully they’ll make the second book into a movie also.  Keep on reading MJHS, because the Hunger Games excitement is really fun!


Springville High School Counselors visit MJHS

By: Brigham Brau - MJHS student writer
Springville High Logo

Recently, the Springville High School (SHS) counselors visited MJHS to help the 9th graders who are going to SHS pick their sophomore schedules. The SHS counselors are Mike Johnson, NataLei Terry, and Kirsten Hullinger. The counselors are assigned to students according to the first letter of the student’s last name. Mr. Johnson works with students whose last names start with the letters A-F, Mrs. Terry, G-M and Mrs. Hullinger, N-Z. This system is helpful in organizing the students but if you go into the office and the counselor who is assigned to work with you isn’t available, you can ask one of the other counselors for help.  They are always ready and willing to visit with any student who needs their help.

While visiting MJHS the counseling team provided students with fill-in-the-blank forms that they could use to choose the classes they want to take as 10th graders. Each student was also given the SHS pamphlet, “Springville High School Registration Bulletin: Course Descriptions 2012-2013.” This pamphlet not only lists all of the courses offered at SHS, but it explains instructions for course selection, graduation requirements, honors graduation, early graduation, and a lot of other information. If you did not get a pamphlet, you can see all of the SHS course descriptions at under “Students”.

Dane Carlson, who will be attending SHS, said, “The information session was great. I learned a lot.” Cordon Farris also thought the information was useful and said, “I’m very excited to go to SHS where there are so many awesome classes to choose from.”

MJHS Winter Recognition Assembly

Steve the “Stang” hangs out with cast members of “Love on Broadway”
Mr. Palfreyman gives awards to students that participated in the science fair
The cast of “Love on Broadway” perform during the assembly
8th and 9th grade Students view the assembly in the gym

Mapleton Jr. High School held its Winter Recognition Assembly on February 17th.  This assembly is meant to help recognize those students that have been involved with extracurricular activities during the winter months.  Many groups were recognized including the band, the choir, this year’s spelling bee winners, the boys and girls basketball teams, this year’s science fair winners, the wrestling team and others.  During the assembly the choir performed the musical number “Without Love” from Hairspray.  The assembly was sponsored and directed by MJHS student government and was a big success.  Congratulations to all those that were recognized, they exemplify “Mustang Pride” at its finest.

MJHS Teacher Highlight -Mrs. Adams

By: Witney Ercanbrack MJHS student writer
English Teacher - Mrs. Alisha Adams

Mrs. Adams is the amazing ninth grade English and honors English teacher at Mapleton Jr. High school. She has worked at MJHS for four years. After being assigned as an intern, she was offered a job. She was raised in Provo and got her English degree at BYU. She said, “I love my work. It’s never boring because each time I teach, it’s never exactly the same.” She often helps in activities like the spelling bee and high honors projects and contributes a lot to the school. When asked about her time at MJHS, she said, “It’s filled with really good friends, stories, and students that I won’t ever forget no matter how hard I try.”

In her free time, she loves reading, listening to music, cooking, eating what she cooks, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. Something she likes to do is try to guess what the next big thing is going to be, like what band is going to be popular, or what the next trend will be.  Most people don’t know that she speaks Portuguese, she’s very dexterous, she’s not as scary as she seems, and when she was in college, she flat lined and the doctors had to use the defibrillators on her.

Most students find her scary at first, but then later call her “Hilarious”, “Crazy”, “Hyper”, and “So much fun”. One student, Sydney Shafer said, “She actually keeps class interesting, and keeps all her students laughing.” Mrs. Adams is famous for her spontaneous facial expressions, and random hand motions. She always puts passion into her teaching.  She scares seventh graders, is a perfectionist, hilarious, and someone who can keep 9th grade boys in line. Everyone agrees Mrs. Adams isn’t just a teacher, she’s a friend. Mapleton Jr. High loves Mrs. Adams.

Mapleton Jr. High School February Students of the Month

February 2012 Students of the Month
February 2012 Students of the Month
February 2012 Students of the Month

Mapleton Jr. High School is pleased to announce the February 2012 Students of the month.  Each academic area selects one outstanding student per grade level to represent their department for student of the month.  In order to be selected these students must show superior academic achievement along with exceptional citizenship.  On Tuesday February 28th the MJHS students of the month were invited to a pizza party to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment.  

The students of the month for February are (listed by academic area):

CTE: Jaxon Hales, Claire Bastian, Anthony Mayoral

ENGLISH: Sydnee Alleman, Heather Asay, Tanner Heath

FINE ARTS: Sophie Hill, Porter Wake, Michelle Clyde, Angela Clyde

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Ashley Jensen, Christian Seiya Miyagi, Brandi Gessel          

HEALTH: Kaysha Kidd, Peyton Gibson, Kaylea MucCulloch

LIFE SKILLS: Stephanie Ulbricht, Erik Boyer, Zachary Furner

MATH: Makenna Garrett, Brianna Black, Mitchell Holmes

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Ethan Jones, Tucker Gessel, Tevin Nuttall

SCHOOL SERVICE: Jessica McClellan, Francesca Rotolo

SCIENCE: Caleb Terry, Benjamin "Beau" Brady, Hailey Seegmiller

SOCIAL STUDIES: Tessa Barrus, Bryce Nelson, Ian Taylor

Brandon Mull tells MJHS students to stay creative

By Ryan Williams MJHS Staff Writer
Brandon Mull signs autographs for Mapleton Junior High fans.
Brandon Mull inspires students at Mapleton Junior High School to be creative.
After the large assembly, Brandon Mull taught a forty-five minute creative writing workshop to Mapleton Junior High's aspiring writers.

Local author Brandon Mull inspired students at Mapleton Junior High School on Thursday, February 23rd.  His message to the student body; never give up on your creative interests.  Mull, known best for his Fablehaven series, told students a little about his life, gave them a behind the scenes look at how Fablehaven was created, gave a sneak peek at his latest novels, and reminded students that creativity can take them wherever they want to go in life.

Fans of Mull's Fablehaven series were on the edge of their seats as Mull shared how the idea for the series developed.  The first novel, which took Mull five months to write, drew largely from the experiences and places Mull remembers from his youth, especially his junior high years.  The series has now been published in 30 different languages, and fans were excited to hear that plans have been made to eventually turn the first novel into a movie.

Avid Mapleton Junior High readers also perked up as Mull describe his new series, The Beyonders.  The new three-book series, which focuses on heroes from another world, has already been written.  While only the first book has been published, students were excited to hear Mull describe the final book in the new series as the best writing he's produced.

Mull didn't visit Mapleton Junior just to talk about his books.  He also came with a message.  Besides giving aspiring writers tips on improving their writing, Mull also encouraged the entire student body to never give up on creativity.  He reminded the students that all the life-changing inventions in the world are the result of creative minds.  Mull also shared how grateful he is that he can do what he loves for a living.  The students at Mapleton Junior High School walked away from his presentation with their imaginations churning.

MJHS holds Parent/Teacher Conferences

By student writer - Megan Child
Parent / Teacher Confrences

Mapleton Junior High School just had its semi-annual Parent Teacher Conference on Thursday, February 16, 2012. On Parent/Teacher night, teachers stay after school until 7:30pm. The event provides parents time to talk to teachers about their students’ behavior in class and the students grades in that particular class. They could also discuss, if necessary, solutions to help their student be more successful.  It took place in the school’s cafetorium and the main gym, as usual. Most parents say that it’s very beneficial. It lets them know how their child is doing in school from the teacher’s point of view. Parents can also hear what the child is doing well at academically. Bethany Child, an MJHS parent said, “It’s important for a parent and teacher to meet and talk about the student. It makes the whole school experience better because the parent can then put a face to each teacher that their child talks about. It helps make the parent more a part of the student’s education. It also gives the parents a chance to ask any questions they may have for teachers.”   Thanks to parents and teachers for helping to make this latest conference a great one.

MJHS continues the Valagram tradition

By student writer Katie Hoffman
MJHS Valagrams

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, MJHS sold “Valagrams”.  This was an idea that originated from the student body.  Love birds had the choice of either giving a red carnation flower, or a sweet candy stick, for that special someone and many students just gave one to a friend.  The choir program was in charge of finances and sales of the Valagrams.  Treats and flowers were on sale from February first through the fourteenth. The Sucker, which came in root-beer or strawberry kiwi, was $1.00, and the flower was $2.00. These goodies were purchased in advance and then delivered to the receiver’s first period class.  The choir team took the “orders” and then attached a slip of paper, with the student’s information on it, to the flower or sucker. Anyone could buy them and anyone could receive them, but mainly students gave to other students.  The income from the Valagrams will go towards the upcoming choir tour.  The choir tour is both exciting and educational for young and eager students.  Why does Mapleton Jr. High do this year after year? It’s fun and enjoyable for the kids, and helps to spread the love. Kaleia Smaldone said, “Giving and getting the Valagrams is fun and exciting, especially to see all the surprises of who gave and got, and who it was from or for!” Also, it’s a great fundraiser for the choir, and celebrates a great holiday.

Love on Broadway is a triumph

Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway
Love on Broadway

With the recent passing of Valentine's Day, Mapleton Junior High School presented its first musical stage debut, "Love on Broadway", at the Springville Junior High School auditorium.  The family-friendly show ran Thursday, February 9th through Saturday, February 11th.  Under the musical direction of new choir teacher, Leni Thomson, forty-nine talented students from 7th, 8th and 9th grades performed a musical review of favorite Broadway songs about love from popular musicals such as Les Miserables, South Pacific, Rent, Hairspray, The Music Man, and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Student Emma Garlitz stated that “being a part of this was really fun. It was great working with our directors Mrs. Thomson, Miss Tippets, Coach Lewis, and Megan Larsen. They taught us a lot about being on stage and part of a musical. It took a lot of time and effort but in the end it was very fun. I hope we can do another Musical Review next year.”

Students had been busy rehearsing since auditions were held last fall and spent numerous hours after school and during their flex time on vocal instruction, staging and choreography in preparation for the show.  Many parents also pitched in to assist with costuming, props, set design, publicity, hair and makeup.

Tom Sawyer production will replace traditional Shakespeare at MJHS

By: Jacob Blonquist MJHS Student Writer
Ms. Linda Lewis directs students in the MJHS musical Tom Sawyer
Student rehearse for Tom Sawyer
Student rehearse for Tom Sawyer

Here at Mapleton Jr. High School, we highly encourage the theater arts.  One way of doing this is through our yearly performances of Shakespeare’s works.  This year things are different.  Ms. Lewis, the Theater arts teacher at MJHS, is for the first time in the history of MJHS, directing a musical instead of the traditional Shakespeare play.   The musical production that has been chosen is Tom Sawyer.  Because this production will be a musical, the auditions were difficult.  There were two auditions to go through for the singing parts. In the first audition students had to prepare 12-16 memorized measures and sing them in front of Ms. Lewis, Ms. Parker and Ms. Thompson.  If students did well enough with the singing they were invited back to stage two.  This involved acting with a prearranged, two character scene or monologue from the script.  There were over 100 students that tried out for this production and about 30 were cast in the play.  A few of the lucky students that made it are: as Tom Sawyer: Jake Blonquist, as Becky Thatcher: Emelia Call, as Jeff Thatcher: Brandon Squire, as Widder Douglas: Samantha Hansen, as Huck Finn: Zac Griffin.  The cast has been working very hard with rehearsals coming as early as 6:30am and staying till around 5:00pm.  Ms. Lewis and Ms. Thompson are working even harder than the rest of the cast because they are involved the whole time, plus putting in a lot of extra work to make this production the best it can be.  This musical is scheduled to be performed April 3rd through 6th and should be a wonderful production.  We hope to see you there.