School News

The Mapleton Monopoly Game

James Hubbard
Students in Miss Anderson’s class learn economics by playing The Mapleton Monopoly.

The classic board game Monopoly was the talk of Mapleton Jr. recently as Miss Anderson and Mr. Hubbard used it to teach students the difference between world economic systems. Most students enjoyed playing Capitalism Monopoly because they were able to make a lot of money, own key properties like Boardwalk, and dominate the competition. The mood of students changed dramatically, however, as they played Socialism Monopoly. Outcries of unfairness and frustration were heard around the classrooms as students lost money to high taxes and had utilities and railroads taken away to be placed under government control. During Communism Monopoly day, most students simply gave up in disgust as all of their money and properties were seized by the government bank. Social studies students at MJHS will never forget the amazing learning experience of playing The Mapleton Monopoly.

Malpeton Jounior High Host Special Education Exstravaganza

Caralyn Humphreys
Colton Lofthouse
Taylee Smith receives a medal!

On September 11 Mapleton Junior High hosted the Special Education Extravaganza. Six schools came from through the district. The students participated in many fun activities such as; face painting, hat painting, arts and crafts and many other activities. The students also competed in several sporting events which included; the softball throw, long jump, relay races and several other competitions. The participants had a great time.

After the events the students had an award ceremony where they received metals and had time to have a dance party. A huge thanks goes out to all the staff members and student volunteers that made the extravaganza a great success. . We are so proud of all the students that were involved, they had fun and taught us all to remember to enjoy what you are doing.

Parent Teacher Conferences


Parent Teacher Conference will be held on Thursday, September 20th from 3:30 - 8:00 pm.  Students will receive their mid-term progress report card during 7th period that day to bring home.  We recommend that you bring this with you to determine which teachers you would like to visit with.

Haden Penrod wins pre-district cross country meet


Mapleton Junior High hosted the pre-district cross country meet last Friday there were over 200 participants from all the junior high schools in the district. In the boys division Haden Penrod took first place overall with a time of 8:48 winning by only 1 second, other top finisher were Haydon Cooper, Jacob Payne, Luke Durden and Colin Tuder. In the girls division, Magan Robinson was the top finisher for Mapleton finishing in third place. Other top finishers for the girls were: Katelyn Walker, Linnea Brady, Annika Perry and Lauryn Brunt. Way to go runners and we wish you well in your next meet!

Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee games starts on Tuesday, September 11th after school.  All paperwork is due to Mr. Palfreyman by Monday.  Come join the fun!!

MJHS Student chosen for Broadcom MASTERS - Congratulations Haley Green

Haley Green is in 7th grade at Mapleton Jr. High.  At last year's science fair, she received 1st place at the CUSEF for life science division and was nominated to apply to the Broadcom MASTERS.  She recently received notice that her project was selected as one of 300 semifinalists for the MASTERS program.  There were over 6,000 nominations across the country.  There were 10 students selected from the state of Utah as semifinalists, but she is the only one representing Nebo School District.   Only 30 of the 300 projects were 6th graders.  This is an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations Haley and good luck!

Registration 2012-2013

Students will be receiving registration materials in the mail between July 26 and August 2, 2012.  If possible we would prefer you to register by mail.  Please make sure you turn in your registration no later than Monday, August 13th.  We will mail your schedule to you once we receive your registration payment.  If you need assistance with registration or with fee waivers please feel free to contact the school at 801-489-2892.

7th Grade Mustang Roundup


Mapleton Junior High is pleased to announce our fourth annual Mustang Roundup for all new 7th grade students on August 20, 2012.  This year’s Roundup will feature a welcome assembly, a brief 10 minute visit to each of the student’s classes, a locker check, and a final question and answer period with a treat and a gift from the school.  The Roundup will last from 8 am until 10:45 am and buses will run as normal to pickup and drop off 7th grade students.  We encourage all 7th grade students to attend this fun filled morning of activities.

Information for Parents about Lagoon Day

Mapleton Mustangs

LAGOON DAY will be Thursday, May 24, 2012. Students who have maintained eligibility in citizenship and attendance, have completed all enrichment sessions, and paid all fines are invited to attend this activity. School will be held for those students who are not eligible to attend and for those students who do not sign up to go to Lagoon.

Park entrance passes will be available at LAGOON for $27.50.  Students will pay for this pass when they arrive at LAGOON—not at the school.  Students will be responsible for their own lunch.  A non-refundable bus fare of $16.00 will be charged to each student riding the bus to Lagoon. Students MUST bring their completed permission slip and their $16.00 payment for the bus fare to the school financial office by 2:00pm on Friday, May 18th. 

On May 24th, we will be loading the buses in front of the school at 7:30 am and departing promptly at 8:00 am. Except for students that will be attending school this day, no students will be permitted to enter the building.  Students will need to come prepared to go directly to their assigned buses.  Faculty and staff will be assigned to each bus to supervise both ways.   The buses will begin loading to return from Lagoon at 3:00 pm and will be departing promptly at 3:15 pm.  Parents, please be aware that Lagoon closes at 4:00 pm this day so having your student stay later to be picked up by you won’t be an option.  If a student rides the bus from MJHS to Lagoon, they are expected to return back to MJHS on their assigned bus.  Any student who is not on their assigned bus by 3:15 pm will be left at Lagoon and will need to be picked up by parents.  We will arrive back at Mapleton Jr. between 4:30 and 5:00 pm.  Since the school will not be open when we return, and the regular school bus service will not be taking the students home, students and parents should make proper arrangements beforehand for rides.

Students may dress in casual clothes as long as they are modest and comply with the school dress code. NO tank tops, spaghetti straps, short shorts, or clothing depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco or inappropriate words or pictures will be allowed. This policy will be enforced as the buses are loaded.  Please do not get left behind because you are improperly dressed. 

Any illegal activities, inappropriate conduct, insubordinate behavior etc. will be dealt with by Lagoon authorities. Students involved in any of the above will be held at Lagoon until picked up by parents.

We cannot permit a student to go on this trip unless the permission slip below has been signed and returned with the $16.00 non-refundable bus fare. If finances are a problem, please contact the school administration. We would like to make arrangements so everyone eligible can go.