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Submitted by nick.sheffer on Wed, 09/25/2019 - 08:27
Mrs. Henderson

The past few weeks have been very busy for the MJHS HOPE SQUAD. We started out
the year during Suicide Prevention Week having our 1 st Annual SAFEUT Campaign.
During lunch we had a prize wheel and asked students to sign a petition to download
the SafeUT App on their phones. Also, we had our annual Hope Squad retreat to get to
know the members as well as provide insights on the importance of being a leader and
example to others at MJHS.
MJHS 2019-20 Hope Squad Members: Sierra Bourgeous , Cole Caldwell, Annie Call,
Shayde Casuga, Alta Crane, Dakota Durden, Brynlee Hamilton, Malie Fuentes, Addie
Hales, Laura Hammer, Tate Hickman, Eliza Koger, Olivia Larsen, Azul Leal, Sierra
Liggett, Lizzy Lowe, Karlie Mitchell, Isabelle Moosman, Sam Northcutt, Evalee Ramirez,
Dallin Perry, Jaida Rowley, Jane Standifird, Lydia Tibbals, Aurora Tolman, Brianne
Walker, Zach Ward, Audrey Weller
Advisor: Kate Henderson