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Spirit of the Mustang - March 2017

Submitted by andrea.pond on Wed, 03/22/2017 - 11:54
Brooke Johnston

Many of you know that I shared a classroom with Lori Marett for six years before she became the library media specialist at our school.  Before that, I worked with her at Springville Middle School when she started substitute teaching.  I first knew Lori as a neighbor and a friend when I moved to Mapleton.  Over the course of sixteen years, I have had the opportunity to see Lori in a variety of roles and learn from her example as an educator and a person.


I am most impressed by Lori’s compassion and kindness.  She is always looking for an opportunity to help students and colleagues. Many times I watched her developing individual lessons to help each of her ESL students.  I remember at a faculty lunch, she went home and prepared some food for a colleague who had a sore mouth from a recent surgery and couldn’t eat what was available. She worked around my schedule for years when I was juggling babysitters and preschool for my own children.  Each year she has a handful of students she is concerned about and keeps tabs on.  


Lori is professional, organized and prepared.  She says what she thinks.  People respect her opinion because they know that she carefully considers what is best for students before acting.  She has a strong work ethic and as an English teacher she frequently did the assignments with her students.  In her new role as library media specialist, she isn’t afraid to try something new if she thinks that it will benefit students.  She has created a space where students gather to read, study, imagine, build, interact and share.


Lori exemplifies the “Spirit of the Mustang”.  She is a true leader. She is independent in her thinking, but concerned about the welfare of all who come in contact with her.  She believes in building an environment where students can be successful.  In addition to her professional life, I know that much of her personal life is spent helping others.  In English we teach our students about juxtaposition.  Lori herself is a study in contrast.  She is studious, yet decisive; kind, yet firm; tiny, yet powerful; as a speaker, as a writer, and as a doer.