Spirit of the Mustang Award - May 2016




I would like to recognize Bonny Groneman as having the spirit of a Mustang.


Bonny is an advocate for all students. In every collaboration meeting I have been in with Bonny she is always sharing ideas based upon the needs of the students. She not only focuses on the needs of the low achieving students but also remembers the students who excel in their subjects. She reminds us that students are individuals that each need personal nurture and care.


Bonny is a teacher of teachers. I have watched over the years how teachers with go to Bonny and gather ideas of how to manage classrooms, how to teach curriculum, and how to manage the workloads that we have as teachers. I have benefited often from her advice. She is very approachable. Also she has served the greater needs of teachers and individuals at the school by serving as an association rep and as a volunteer LIPIC committee member. She is vigilant in noticing the needs of those around her including the support staff at our school and then makes those needs know.


Bonny is a wonderful classroom teacher. As a parent I appreciate teachers who make their subject matter fun and engaging for my boys. It helps them enjoy attending school and stimulates their desire to learn. Both of my boys have said that Bonny’s class was interesting, fun and relevant. This can be hard to do with our subject matter and more so with curriculum as precise as that of the Career Technologies but Bonny is successful at this despite the limitations from her core. I appreciate all of her efforts to strive to be a master teacher.