MJHS Teacher Highlight -Mrs. Adams

By: Witney Ercanbrack MJHS student writer
English Teacher - Mrs. Alisha Adams

Mrs. Adams is the amazing ninth grade English and honors English teacher at Mapleton Jr. High school. She has worked at MJHS for four years. After being assigned as an intern, she was offered a job. She was raised in Provo and got her English degree at BYU. She said, “I love my work. It’s never boring because each time I teach, it’s never exactly the same.” She often helps in activities like the spelling bee and high honors projects and contributes a lot to the school. When asked about her time at MJHS, she said, “It’s filled with really good friends, stories, and students that I won’t ever forget no matter how hard I try.”

In her free time, she loves reading, listening to music, cooking, eating what she cooks, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. Something she likes to do is try to guess what the next big thing is going to be, like what band is going to be popular, or what the next trend will be.  Most people don’t know that she speaks Portuguese, she’s very dexterous, she’s not as scary as she seems, and when she was in college, she flat lined and the doctors had to use the defibrillators on her.

Most students find her scary at first, but then later call her “Hilarious”, “Crazy”, “Hyper”, and “So much fun”. One student, Sydney Shafer said, “She actually keeps class interesting, and keeps all her students laughing.” Mrs. Adams is famous for her spontaneous facial expressions, and random hand motions. She always puts passion into her teaching.  She scares seventh graders, is a perfectionist, hilarious, and someone who can keep 9th grade boys in line. Everyone agrees Mrs. Adams isn’t just a teacher, she’s a friend. Mapleton Jr. High loves Mrs. Adams.