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MJHS continues the Valagram tradition

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 11:05
By student writer Katie Hoffman
MJHS Valagrams

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, MJHS sold “Valagrams”.  This was an idea that originated from the student body.  Love birds had the choice of either giving a red carnation flower, or a sweet candy stick, for that special someone and many students just gave one to a friend.  The choir program was in charge of finances and sales of the Valagrams.  Treats and flowers were on sale from February first through the fourteenth. The Sucker, which came in root-beer or strawberry kiwi, was $1.00, and the flower was $2.00. These goodies were purchased in advance and then delivered to the receiver’s first period class.  The choir team took the “orders” and then attached a slip of paper, with the student’s information on it, to the flower or sucker. Anyone could buy them and anyone could receive them, but mainly students gave to other students.  The income from the Valagrams will go towards the upcoming choir tour.  The choir tour is both exciting and educational for young and eager students.  Why does Mapleton Jr. High do this year after year? It’s fun and enjoyable for the kids, and helps to spread the love. Kaleia Smaldone said, “Giving and getting the Valagrams is fun and exciting, especially to see all the surprises of who gave and got, and who it was from or for!” Also, it’s a great fundraiser for the choir, and celebrates a great holiday.