Mapleton Jr. High School opens a new wing

By student writer: Cienna Young
Outside view of the new addition
Photo of students using the new wrestling gym
Photo of students using the new wrestling gym

Mapleton Junior High School is glad to announce the opening of a new school addition called the 400 hall. This new wing was built due to the need for more classroom and gym space for the ever growing student body and for the MJHS wrestling program.  Student and wrestler Tyson Orton says “I like the new gym it makes it a lot easier to make it to practice because we don’t have to travel so far to go to a wrestling gym.”  The new area of the school will be officially open on Jan. 14, 2012. The 400 hall addition includes a number of new lockers, three new classrooms and a new auxiliary gym (shown above with Trevor Kinross and Jackson Jarvis). The purpose of the wing is not only to relieve pressure from the other over crowded halls but to open new classroom space for the best learning experience and environment for the students. Because at MJHS “Students are the Focus and Success is the goal”.