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Living It Up at Mapleton Jr. High

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 07:17
By: Sydney Shafer
Welcome Back Assembly 11-12.JPG

Students started a brand new school year at Mapleton Jr. High! Every year we have a new overall theme and this year’s theme is: Live It Up!

The student government introduced the new theme for the year at the welcome back assembly. There were a lot of different activities during the assembly to get the students involved and "Live It Up". Two of those activities were, an interactive get to know your teachers game that involved audience participation and a dance performed by the student government. On the following Thursday evening the Student Government also sponsored a very successful dance at the school, continuing the theme of "Live It Up".

MJHS students will be doing a lot more to promote this year’s theme. We will be living it up through sub-themes that will be rolled out during the year. The first of these is - UNITY. We will also be living it up by focusing on service to others. In order to accomplish this we will be planning and implementing several service projects throughout the year. With all these activities and more the MJHS Student Government is confident that this year will be the best year MJHS has ever seen. So remember Mustangs, "Live It Up!"