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Grading Procedures for 4th Term

Submitted by nate.whitney on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 15:37

As we approach the end of the term, we want to be sure everyone is aware of the adjusted procedures that are in place for 4th term grading due to the unique challenges and difficulties of the COVID-19 school dismissal. In an effort to minimize the anxiety and stress felt by students, parents and teachers, we are allowing students a choice regarding how their final grade in each class will be recorded on their transcript for 4th term. At the end of the term, a teacher will submit a letter grade for the class. After the grade is submitted by the teacher, the student can choose to keep the standard grade given or change a passing letter grade to a “P” grade, which will count for academic credit but will not affect GPA. (Please Note - All letter grades in the D range will automatically be convereted to a P without a request being made by the student) If a student has not completed enough work to receive a passing grade this term they will receive an “I” (incomplete) grade and will need to make it up during summer offerings (Information on Summer School TBA) or in the fall when we return to school. (For 9th grade students, please see the additional information at the bottom of this page)  All students are encouraged to make sure they communicate with their teachers during these final weeks to ensure they will pass their classes and receive credit.


Click this link to see a video that explains the grading procedures for 4th Term -


How to Request a P Grade Change

As outlined above - if your final grade for 4th term is a passing letter grade A through C- you can request a grade change to a “P” (pass) to be recorded on your school transcript in place of the letter grade given by the teacher. All grades in the D range will automatically be changed to a P by teachers and no request is needed. To request a changed grade, wait until grades are finalized on May 22nd and then write an email to your counselor requesting the change. The email must include each class name and the corresponding grade you are requesting to be changed to a P grade. Please Note that your request must be made by Friday, May 29th, one week after grades have been finalized. You will receive a confirmation email back from your counselor when the grade change(s) has been completed.


Additional Grading Information for 9th Grade Students to Consider 

Information from the Utah State School Board of Education for 9th grade students considering how pass (P) or incomplete (I) grades will affect their athletic eligibility or eligibility for scholarships and/or financial aid:

- Currently, the NCAA calculates Ps in two different ways. (1) The P grade will be calculated as a 2.3 as long as it has the effect of raising the students GPA. In this case it will have the effect of increasing their overall GPA. (2) If a student’s GPA is above a 2.3, all Ps will transfer as credit, but not affect their GPA.

 - There are likely also other private scholarships that affect a small number of students that operate under similar circumstances.

 - There are some professional applications (including the health professions) in some institutions that don’t award credit for entry to students earning a P in a particular course.

 - The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) administered scholarships (including both Regent’s and New Century) will be unaffected by P/I, nor will local scholarships administered by Utah IHEs.

 - Federal financial aid guidelines are dependent on the pace of credit earning versus GPA and so will presumably be unaffected by P/I.