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Four Students Represent MJHS at the Fall Captain's Academy

Submitted by devin.jackman on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 08:51
Nate Whitney, Garrett Johnson, and Rillene Nielsen

Last Wednesday, September 20th, several students from Mapleton Junior High were invited to attend Nebo School District's leadership conference and heard about sportsmanship and other life lessons from some awesome speakers. The students that attended were selected from our MJHS fall sports teams.  The fall sport captains representing MJHS were Benny West - Cross Country, Zanna Perry - Cross Country, Luke Roylance - Golf, and Hannah Townsend - Girls Tennis.  

The meeting started off with a speaker from IHC about the importance of sleep for athletes and human beings.  Brodie Berg, a former Pro Golfer turned Fireman, then presented on what it means to be a leader, sharing some great experiences. 

After a short break the final speaker was Wes Ruff, the sports anchor for Channel 4 News.  Ruff presented on sportsmanship and being a captain.  Ruff also had many great experiences and stories to tell. 

It was very beneficial for these young students to attend and to be able to learn more about what it means to be a Captain!