CUSEF Science Fair Winners


Mapleton Junior High would like to congratulate Haley Green, Trevor Jeppson, and Kylie Beutler, 2014 Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair Winners.

Haley Green was a Grand Prize winner.  Her entry in the plant science category showed the impact of temperature on photosythesis, relating the oxygen production of an acquatic plant in different water temperatures to global warming.  She now has the option to apply for the Broadcom Masters National contest.

Trevor Jeppson won second place in the Physics and Astronomy category.  His project was entitled Cloud Chambers, a device to view radioactive decaying particles.

Kylee Beutler won a specialty award for presentation.  Her project, entered in the Engineering field was titled "Does Color Matter?".  It posed the question, does the color of a car combined with it's temperature, affect it's speed?

We are so very proud of these hard working, "Science-minded" students.  Way to go!