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American Mathematics Competition 8

Submitted by nick.sheffer on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 14:29
Ms. Spencer

“It’s early in the season, but Mapleton Junior High Mathletes are already bringing home awards.  In the first challenge of the season, the American Mathematics Competition 8 (AMC 8), 14 students on MJHS MathTeam were among nearly 100,000 middle schoolers across the nation to compete in a 25 question, 40 minute problem solving contest.  Our team, consisting of the three highest scores from the school, posted a team score of 58 (out of 75), which was enough to earn the School Merit Roll award, the second highest school award available.  Eighth grader, Tyler Jackson, lead the way with 24 of 25, and a spot on the Distinguished Honor Roll, an honor reserved for the top 1% of all students.  Eighth grader, Morgan Boring also contributed a respectable 20 of 25 and made the Honor Roll representing the top 5% of all students.  Other students competing were 8th graders Owen Memmott, Joshua Jackson, Jared Hardy, Jay Griggs, Miles Hancock, and Morgan Honsvick, and 7th graders Daniel Christiansen, Parker Jones, Spencer Smith, David Halverson, Benjamin Jensen, and Darin Briggs.

With these results, MJHS MathTeam ranks 4th among all Utah Junior High Schools and 1st in Utah County.  We also have 2 students in the top 10 individually in the state.  Next up, the MathTeam will have a smaller contingency compete in the AMC 10 on January 30th, as the rest of the team prepares for the MathCounts Chapter contest on February 1st.”